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Card Sent or Recieved.


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Thought I would put one of these here so we could up date who has recieved theirs.

I sent all cards out thismorning so you should recieve them sometime after Saturday Im assuming because of Thanksgiving.

My children helped choose.. we made it fun. I hope you all like them.

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I've gotten 5 so far, and there all hanging up in my house! I sent out 8 a couple of days ago, gotta get to the post office for more stamps.

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Hey ladies,


My computer power source died, so I haven't been here. My Christmas Card list is also there, so mine will be late. I have really enjoyed getting the cards, will send in more reports when we get the part for the computer.


Grubby has my number if anyone wants/needs to call.


Love you!!! Miss you!!!



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My kid is amazed at where they are all coming from. I got some large ribbon and will have her make a huge bow and then suspend the cards on the ties. I will put the states on them so we know where they came from. It Should be very nice above the mantle. I think will make another bow for the cards we get from friends and family and balance out the fireplace, too.

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I've received a bunch, but can't tell you who from because my kids open them and hang them before I have a chance to put in here, and now they are all mixed up with the ones from the ornament exchange and the ones the kids found from last year (it looks like we have A LOT of friends!)


But they are all wonderful and it's so exciting to go check the mail, the kids argue for the "privilege" of unlocking the box!



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I think Im only missing two at this point but I couldnt tell you from whom. I know Dar said hers were going to be late... so thats one... Its just way to much fun to check the mail anymore!!! My 4 year old ran out the door to chase the mail lady today

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