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Good Saturday Mornin' 2007


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I'm having a hard time getting it warm here. It was 23 degrees an hour ago I am trying to get dishes done and laundry done just in case they have to turn off the water.

Will also be doing some decluttering and have to figure out what I'm going to do with all the lemons I picked yesterday (about 300!). Have a great Saturday everyone!


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Stacy, I hope they get that plumbing thing solved for you today. What a nightmare! the way someone has remodeled it. There was a basement but it's totally not visible anymore (used to have a couple of little windows high up on the basement wall).

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Stacy, I hope they get that plumbing thing solved for you today. What a nightmare! I guess you never know how people built homes in the past when codes were different or nonexistant.

Nothing ever works out the way you want it to. Looks like they'll be here next week. They will be needing to take out some of the front patio (concrete) and the driveway to get to the pipes. Fortunately my landylady is being very good about it...she's having some sticker shock, but said she new it would eventually have to be done.
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