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very old GI JOE and stuff

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I bought a very old GI JOE (1960's) with red hair and a bunch of his junk (booklets, clothes, etc) for our son to play with when he gets older but dh didn't agree with that idea. He says (and he's right but I'll never admit it to him) that old toys can be brittle. I just remember it from my brother playing with his GI Joes and how much fun he had. I'll make a list of everything Joe has if anyone is interested.




Edit: I just went and looked at him. He has one crack on his leg but that's the only thing I could find wrong with him. His clothes need to be washed (he's been in a foxhole) and he has 1964 on his rump. He's older than me! LOL There are lots of little grenades, scuba stuff and guns and other things I'll list if you want. There are lots of little booklets with him. I paid less than 30 (including tax) for him. I think it was 23.00. I'll find the reciept and you can have him for that and postage. Postage shouldn't be much.

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Misty I suggest you try selling this on ebay--I think it may be worth more to you that way, and you can churn the cash into more preps. GI-joes are collectible these days, especially the old ones, even if your has 'seen soem action' !


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Misty, if you want, I'll buy it from you, and put it up on Ebay...anything over what I paid out in costs I'd be willing to give back to you.


I have an account at Ebay and a digital camera so I can help if you'd like.

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Great! We'll split the profit over your costs and we can both go buy ammo!

You're a hoot! rofl

Well pm me your address first and I'll send you the payment. Figure out what the postage will be and I'll add that to the $23.00, and I'll give you my address so you can send it to me.

This will be fun!
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Listen, just a suggestion?


You might get more profit if you sell his gear seperate. Like the grenades and books. Some people collect all the little action goodies like the guns and clothes.And the booklets must be much harder to acquire.


and buy the figurine seperate.


(does not include action tiara)

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I will definitly consult with my new partner in crime on this ebay thing and concur with her wishes...lol


It's a good idea though!


*darlene grabs her action tiara from cookie...*


THAT'S the one I use when I go to the range, silly!



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