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Prayer for my nieghbor

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Please put up a prayer for my next door neighbor Jesslane.


She knocked on the door an hour ago and came in to tell me in a weary voice, she's selling her house before she loses it to taxes and other bills. I was floored. Jesslane is a hard working, caring woman very strong in spirit and her Christian faith.

I hadn't see her very often but our differing schedules and her long school hours have kept us at Hi & Bye passing.


She's going to full time school for nursing but lost her regular job months ago, I had no idea she was still out of work. Then she hit me with the full whammy, she just got back two weeks ago from her Mom's funeral out of country which she had to pay for everything.

She lost her brother when I lost mine. Now she's losing the house and there is nothing I can seem to do. I don't have the $$$ to help.


The bright light is her daughter graduated college with honors and is out in the world and her brother said she can stay with his family while this all works out.


I feel terrible...I mean I'll go get a condolence card but I feel terrible for her. I feel terrible that I didn't know about her Mom. We're not close but friendly nieghbors.


I know there's a plan, God has a plan...but I hurt for her. Told her I didn't want her to go. Tried to think of the right words, how she is a good person and God will provide.

I am so inarticulate sometimes it's embarrassing.


Anyway, please put her in your prayers. Guidance. Health. Preserverance. Some stress relief. Well, you know better than me how to phrase this.


I know I know...God's Will be Done. My tiny mind couldn't fathom the big picture, etc. (sigh). Trust in God, Everything happens for a reason...


Okay, I'm gonna stop now. I'd really appreciate it if you could add her to your prayers. Thank you.

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CJ -- I think you expressed very well the concern we all feel when we hear someone is hurting. Sometimes life just comes at us with both barrels and wow, we just gotta hang onto the trust in God -- but it's hard. We'll all help pray for her too.



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