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Using your dehydrator: 101


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You can store in sealed tightly in the cupboard, or you can freeze the bags for longer storage.

I have not used O2 absorbers in my dried things yet. Maybe someone else will post about that part.



I use my canning & hose attachment to my food saver machine...so don't need oxygen absorbers. But...when I put something in one of my food saver bags for preservation, I use the absorbers. I even store my pastas in a 1/2 gallon jar that has been sealed with my food saver. I just don't can. If it needs canning...I buy it canned (smile).

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**Stealing something from FaceBook (from a long-ago Mrs S member, no less! :happy0203: )**


Two interesting facts about the latest batch of fruit leather I made:

1. It's strawberry-banana-coconut, and tart and sweet at the same time. Strangely addictive. It's tart from the citric acid I added to preserve the color. Really good. Can't keep from thinking about going back for another little piece.


2. I made it in my minivan, on cookie sheets covered with the bags cereal comes in inside cereal boxes. Those bags make the perfect fruit leather sheets. Just cut off the bottom and up the seam and flatten them open. Food grade, heavy duty, easy to peel the finished leather off. A closed up car makes a good dehydrator if you leave it parked in full sun in the summer. Worked like a charm in two days, and that's with monsoon humidity here, too.

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Bumping up again. I have a bunch of apples and bananas I need to do something with. Time to break out the dehydrator.


Finished my last batch of dehydrated apples and then I vacume seal them in jars with my food sealer jar attachment. No need to oxygen absorbers. Be sure to spray them with a 1 to 4 mix of lemon juice/waterbefore you place them on your trays to keep them pretty!

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I hadn't heard of the True Lemon and True Lime stuff - I'm going to have to look for them at the store, I love having a bit of lemon or lime in my water, but hate having to carry around the little bottle at work!


I'm not allowed to buy anything else until after I move, else I'd be buying this.




Lemons, Limes and Oranges too!!! They make wonderful Lemonaide, Limeade and Orangeaide out of water bottles, water jugs or pitchers full of water. Add a bit of green tea now and then and WALAH!

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No to absorbic acid...YES to lemon juice. Just mix it 1 part lemon juice with 3 parts water, put in a spray bottle, and give your stuff a good misting on both sides. I've used the lemon juice for a long time and it's much more economical. I've even used lemon/lime soda when in a pinch!

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Just finished 5 trays (5 packages) vegetable medley mix; 1 jar has 3 packages in it, 1 jar has 2 packages in it, 1 jar I put together for a meal in a jar (1 package of medley) and then kept the teeny-tiny bits of broccoli in a small jar so I can make some broccoli soup.


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Just put 6 trays of lemons on one dehydrator and 2 trays (plus 2 empty) of lemons & oranges on another, thank you Lord for the food other's don't want. Saved all the "ends" and put in a baggie in the freezer for our camper friends. She's still working so I often share with her.

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Bump. :bump1:


I am wanting to do more dehydrating and less canning. This thread is amazing. I am still learning my way around my dehydrator, but love it so far! I think I am going to need to get a vacuum sealer next, though. I began by storing in my freezer, but I am out of room. I haven't canned anything yet this year! 

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I like that the dehydrator doesn’t heat up the kitchen as much as canning.

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I'm getting into using powder of dehydrated things, like the powdered dried tomato.


Also, while I was always fond of toasted dried onion, I'm now crazy-fond of dehydrated caramelized onion.  It is so good in sauces, gravies, soups, on toast, and sprinkled over salads.  It is peculiarly bacon-y, and I keep using a bit when the recipe calls for crumbled bacon.

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Mmmmm @Ambergris that sounds GOOD! Recipe?


I was pondering dehydrated yogurt. I found this article with directions and may try it. Has anyone here dehydrated yogurt? 

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We had access to tons of spinach for a few years.  Found lots of ways to use it....dehydrated/powdered.  Good flavor and nutrient.  Anything from eggs to pasta sauce.   Note:  I do take out the bigger ribs and it IS a pain to splay out on the racks.  But it dries well.


.....kinda wore our dehydrator out.  Only heats on one side [rectangle type].  Had it since....early 1980's.


 ....well, I make homemade yogurt in my dehydrator for even low heat.  But actually dehydrating yougurt ...dunno. 


MtRider  :cook:  :lois:

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