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Yesterday's visit with my sister

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FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 09, 2007 05:58 AM, CST


Good morning everyone,


One of my sisters and I went to visit Mom yesterday and when we got there she was up in a wheel chair and down at occupational therepy. She looks so good when she is up sitting in a chair. They then pushed her into the dining room and she had lunch. We don't know what she ate because we were not allowed to stay while she ate.


She had her usual apt in the afternoon for radiation and we got to see Dr. Cooper, her dietician, and the social worker. The dietician told her she needs to be sure and eat. We had been informed that she had trouble swollowing here pills so Manor Care had just started her on a mechanically softened diet. We also found out from the dietician that for some reason Innovis had done a throat swollowing test and decided that she needs to be on a soft diet. That was the first I had heard of it. The thing is when she gets transferred to a new facility they do their own tests and do their own thing from what I understood. So I guess the mech. soft diet she is on is a good thing. They are also giving her a house supplement which is kind of like Ensure and that is what the dietician said she should be getting beings she isn't eating very good.


Dr. Cooper said that she is doing good. She may notice pretty soon that her hair will be getting thinner in the area where they are doing the radiation. Also that she may notice some skin irritation. He said they would be giving her a salve to put on it. When I asked if that it was used for burns he just kind of chuckled and said that it will be kind of a burn but they like to call it a skin irritation instead of a burn. She had her 12th treatment yesterday and has 18 left and then we told her she will probably be comeing back to Park Rapids. She was O.K. with that.


(The other DD) and I both could not believe how mixed up she was. She would start a sentence and couldn't finish it because she would forget what she was talking about. She would also talk about things that didn't make a whole lot of sense. We just carried on like all was O.K. and know that she probably will never be totally the same. One of the therepists told me she is confused when she is tired but she was more awake yesterday then I have ever seen her. It was so nice to see her awake so that we could talk to her. They said radiation makes her very tired so that is how we usually find her.


We figure that she will be coming home to Park Rapids probably the 2nd or 3rd week of March, but that will all depend on her physical well being at that time too. We figure she will need more physical therepy though because she isn't really getting very mobile yet. She will need to be able to get up on her own to be able to come home to her house. She is lifted out of bed with a lift and she hates it. We told her her grandkids and greatgrandkids would love to be in the lift it is like being at the fair. She is also taken to radiation on a stretcher and loaded in the back of a mini van which she doesn't like. We watched yesterday and I even rode with her and she does get bumped around a bit getting her in and out of the van, she had mentioned that to us. But until she can sit up in a chair and get up to her feet with a little bit of help she will be taken to therepy on the stretcher.


Well I better save this before it all disapears again like it did the last two times I have written in here. So I hope this lets you know alittle of what is going on.


One more thing: Next Thursday is her birthday which she couldn't remember. She knew it was coming soon but not sure what day. She thinks she is having a party on her birthday so if anyone is able to get to see her she would love it.


Thanks again for all your prayers and letters and cards she loves them all.





Again, I want to say th79-1.gif for praying for my sister.

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