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And it continues...




Melamine in pet food, wheat gluten from China : FDA




NEW YORK - U.S. officials said on Friday that melamine, a chemical found in fertilizers in Asia and which should not be in pet food in any amounts, has been detected in the wheat gluten used by Canada-based Menu Foods.


The FDA said the wheat gluten in question came from a company in China, and was not known to be used in any human food yet.


U.S. Food and Drug Administration official Stephen Sundlof said during a press conference that melamine was found in the urine of dead cats. Though its presence is undeniable, it has not been determined to cause sickness or deaths in pets, he said.


Melamine should not be in pet food in any amounts, Sundlof added.


Last week, New York state officials said aminopterin, a substance used in rat poison, was found in the tainted pet food. Aminopterin is forbidden for use in the United States since it is known to cause kidney failure in cats and dogs. It is also known to cause cancer and birth defects in humans.


The FDA, however, has still not confirmed the presence of that toxin in the recalled pet food, the agency said on Friday.


Menu Foods has recalled millions of pounds of wet pet food in the past two weeks after it was associated with kidney failure in pets and deaths of at least 14 animals.









...was not known to be used in any human food yet...



There's a REASON why Chinese gluten is cheaper... 9.gif





How many *OTHER* products and ingredients for products are bought from places that:


1. don't care about quality


2. don't have the regulatory agencies to ensure safety


3. don't like us





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kinda gives "don't eat that- you don't know where it's been" a whole different slant, don't it?


...but my husband's brothers won't eat eggs from our farm, or veggies from our garden cuz they may be DIRTY... lol

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They are now recalling Purina "Alpo" canned dog foods! Thats what my dog eats! I guess I will cook deer meat and feed her, not safe to give them anything!

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Also pounce cat food and a bunch of doggie treats. I use both...well I did anyways. I was feeding the dogs Alpo dry food, but had to switch to high protein special feed from the mill. They were loosing weight on the dry Alpo and were just dragging themselves around the yard like they weren't feeling well. I'm watching to see if the Alpo dry gets recalled too. After about a week on the hi-pro, they are out running rabbits and feeling frisky again. I put the cat on raw food since she only has about three teeth left! She's doing a lot better too since I got her off the canned and pouch stuff.



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Hills Science Diet M/D feline dry food.


Nestle Purina PetCare Co. announced in a statement it was voluntarily recalling all sizes and varieties of its ALPO Prime Cuts in Gravy wet dog food with specific date codes.

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I have a question. If I have some dry food that I think could also be involved, where could I take it for testing and would I have to pay for it?


I don't mean to sound paranoid, but this is a very widespread contamination, and I don't think it's unreasonable to think that it may be even wider.


My poor cat has been sick since the begining of December, 4 months. He was sickest for all of February. He's currently on the Hills c/d food. I'm part scared to feed it too him, but also realizing that he's doing better and better. He hasn't been sick since March 17 and I last gave him the anti-nausea meds on 3/22. So if he has been poisoned, this bag of food must be good.



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HS, I would call the company!!! have your pet food in front of you so you can give numbers to them.. they will let you know.


cat? can you say.. Sunkist?!!! or how about trout? dice chicken and cook it.. make a gravey to pour over it.


if your pet won't eat their new food... (set it down, give time to eat, then pick it up.. retry later) when the animal gets hunrgy enough it will eat it. An animal can go 5 days some longer before eating.. don't give in! your animals life may be at stake.

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Thanks for the links. The info there sounds pretty sure that the c/d food he is currently eating is okay. And since he's doing better, I think it is okay too.


The old food he was eating, when he first got sick....


I don't have bags for it. I empty it into a hopper (which is clean!). It was Pet Guard Premium Dry and Iams Dry. I know these haven't been implicated in the recall, but I'm wondering if they should be. But without bags & batch numbers, it's probably not worth testing the food I have on hand. I am going to throw it all away (but maybe keep a baggie of each, just in case).


As for feeding him 'real' food... *sigh* ... I think when we get our dog, I'm just going to feed it real food. But with the cat needing a 'special' diet, I'm not sure what's safe to feed him. Besides his vomiting, lethary & lack of appetite, he had crystals in his urine. I don't know if that's consistent with the poisoning problems these other pets have had. The c/d diet is lower protein and low magnesium to prevent crystals.


I think it's time to call the vet. She's really patient & helpful.

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Well, the vet is not in this week, and her associate is not helpful, nor patient.


He said the crystals in the urine are a separate issue. He also said that the elevated BUN & Creatinine is consistent with the contaminated food. He didn't 'think' that anything contaminated was on the shelves back when my cat first got sick.


I found the ingredient list for Pet Guard. It does not contain wheat gluten. It does contain corn gluten meal and ground whole wheat.


The Iams website says that none of their dry foods contain any wheat gluten.


I tried to ask the vet about a real foods diet that would take into consideration the urinary crystals. He informed me that packaged pet food is 'real food'. Okay, Buddy, we're not on the same page anymore. Thanks for your time. Buh-bye now.


In the mean time, the cat threw up - not the awful pukes he had while he was sick, but somewhere between that and 'normal' cat puke.


I guess we're back to square one.


Thanks for letting me think this out loud.

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There was something about the FDA banning wheat glutton from China & another country. DUHH But the Company in China says they don't understand why they are targeting them as the ones it came from.

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Is anyone else wondering if this stuff in the wheat gluten got into the human food chain? Now that thought just makes me shiver. I realize it wouldn't be in the same amounts to do serious harm to us like it did our fur babies....but still there is that nagging question.



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Quilty, I called Hodgdson Mill, the gluten folks that I use, and asked if they ever bought wheat products from China. Their reply was NO. I thanked them. If you have any doubts about the stuff you are using, just call the maker and ask.

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Originally Posted By: quiltys41
Is anyone else wondering if this stuff in the wheat gluten got into the human food chain? Now that thought just makes me shiver. I realize it wouldn't be in the same amounts to do serious harm to us like it did our fur babies....but still there is that nagging question.


I heard on the radio yesterday that the FDA doesn't *think* it got into any human food, but they need to do more investigating. Then I heard on the news last night that it was only sold to pet food manufacturers. I don't know who to believe anymore...
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