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I'm considering purchasing a washboard to make it easier when I do laundry in my bathtub. On Lehman's , they say that their best-selling washboard is the glass one.


Has anyone had experience with these? Do I need to be scared of breaking it? Do they actually last longer than the metal ones?



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Hey There.. Once you do purchase one and get the chance to try it out let us know how it worked on getting the clothes clean.. Mine is metal and it's really old.. Have a great day!

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Mom and I used to use a brush on stubborn spots, a washboard might be easier on the clothes. I've been eyeing one as well.

Maybe Amishway Homesteaders can help you on this.

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We have both the glass and metal ones. (And still use them now and then) Both work very well! The glass is a thicker glass (like tempered glass) and shouldn't be a problem with breakage!


Now that it is yard sale season you should keep your eyes out as you could get them really cheap as most people don't even use them anymore!



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I have a metal one that I purchased to use with my soap displays when I do craft fairs (with a bucket of water, some soap and a few socks - the children love to do this). My two youngest children actually washed all their own clothes on it for about two weeks before the 'fun' wore off.


I would think a plunger in the wash tub would do a quicker job of washing though.




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I have a small metal one my father gave me for a wedding present but he signed my husbands name to it. It still makes me smile, he signed on the board. I hang it in my washroom and walk past it a lot. He thought it was so cute!!

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I have a glass one that my mom got for me, at a yard sale, for 50c. It was when I first started talking about prepping. She said it was decorative, and might be good 'for your disaster planning.' I've never tried it, but agree that the glass is thick. I wouldn't be worried about breaking. it.

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I have a metal one and a scrub brush. I have a plunger too! and a mop bucket for wringing! and clothes pins. I do have rope for clothes line but would like to have a couple of retractables to put in my house as well as a clothes drying rack. In the winter clothes would dry faster near the stove or fire place.


as a child we would dry clothes in front of an oven's open door. Also heated the house.

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WOW! this has been awhile.......................

Thanks for the Bump!

Don't know if anybody said this yet but the glass one will not rust!

Also DON"T buy from Lemans unless that is all you have They are high priced!

and if you can get one at yeard sales or e-bay you are better off as they NEVER get old. Just watch the bottom for rot as sometimes they sit in water to long.

***DID you know they have 2 sides?

one for mens clothes (heavy cloth) and one for ladies (fine stuff). LOL

also that lip on the one side (up on wooden part that most times has the name) is to hold your soap.


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