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Any canning going on right now?

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Used 1/2 gallon of wild plum juice to make 12 half pints of wild plum jelly. One is not quite full - aww, guess we will have to eat that one LOL. Toasted English muffin halves and spread on the foam that I skimmed off. Yummy.

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What kind of plums, Dora?

I have a huge crop of wild golden plums that will be ripe soon. They're very sweet, and I was afraid to make jelly because you need to add so much sugar it would be inedible....

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Since they last post I've done 7 jars of pickles (the ones I had in the crock as of last post!), 8 jars of dill spears, 12 quarts of green beans, 2 quarts and 2 pints of pickled okra.


We have been picking zucchini and crookneck like crazy. I have been dehyrating and freezing that. I also froze a little over 1/2 bushel of green beans the other day. Picked our first batch of jalapenos....holy cow, what a crop! I probably got 1/2 bushel of jalapenos that I froze....that was maybe 1/4 of what was on the plants. The rest I kept on to let them grow a bit more DarleneSwoon


My MIL and I were going to pick beans again today, but we got rained out, so I guess that's on for tomorrow. I know there's more okra to pick, as well as zucchini and crookneck. Gotta check the pickle cukes too. I think what's left for pickles I'll do some sweet relish. Corn is coming but we also have a raccoon helping himself (or herself!) to it. Our first planting of corn is getting pretty eaten up by the 'coon, but the second planting is fruiting out, so we'll probably get alot out of that crop. I did three plantings of corn so we should at least get something LOL!!!!


I am actualy thankful that our tomatoes haven't turned red yet. I would be WAYYY too swamped with canning if that were the case. It's turnign out well that things are spacing themselves out and I dont' have *too* much to put up at one time.


Happy canning everyone!!!


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I did 9 quarts of grape juice, a batch of grape jelly and green beans. Tomorrow will be salsa and then it's time to start cleaning this house. We've spent the last month painting, papering, carpeting and laying vinyl in some rooms. Ack, what a mess the house and gardens are AND I have company coming to visit in 11 days. They're city slickers and the neatest and cleanest people you'll ever meet. It's my brother and part of his family and they know me well but I don't want ANYONE to see this house the way it is! smile

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Did 7- 1/2 pints of cherry jam today. Tomorrow I hope to find time to try canning smoked sausage. I'm in the middle of painting chicken nest boxes that my DH built for me then I hope to get atleast 3 more hens.

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Strawberry Margarita Perserves??? That sounds really good. Is the recipe posted anywhere and if not, could you post it? Pretty please??


I went ahead and canned up 7 quarts of pinto beans with ham. This was my first time doing this so I'm hoping that it will all turn out well. I'll probably open a quart in a day or two to see how it tastes and how done the beans are. I'm hoping they aren't mush.

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I will have a load of very sweet golden plums that I would l*o*v*e to make jelly out of... How much sugar did you use in yours? I'm so afraid using a regular recipe would make it way too sweet.

Help, pretty please?

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I am collecting tomatos out of my garden to make salsa. so far i have about 6

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Leah, the recipe I used called for 1 pkg pectin, 5 1/2 c plum juice, & 7 1/2 c sugar.


After I put it in the jars, I tasted the warm jelly and it seemed too sweet, but after it set, I tried it again, and it didn't seem as sweet.

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We canned twenty five quarts and one pint of Pears yesterday. I am so grateful for DH's help on this and they all look so pretty sitting on the counter til they go to the cool storage area. Next are the Elberta Peaches and I hope to make Chutney as well as another batch of Zucchini Relish - love canning and would do more but DH lays down his foot.......

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I just finished up 6 pints of salsa and 7 pints of relish. I'm tired! I did 7 quarts of peaches yesterday with friends. Somehow all the prep in the salsa and relish is exhausting today.

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Leah, you can get the Ball or Sure Jel light pectin and use less sugar in the jelly. I use Pomona's Universal pectin now. I make sugar free for myself with Splenda. I add some frozen applejuice concentrate along with the other juice, too. So good. I actually prefer the sugar free now that I have been eating it. More fruit flavor to it. You can make up your own recipes with Pomona's, too. It is so forgiving.

I canned 18 pints of sweet pickle chunks for our daughter today.

Also recently canned 24 half pints of sweet cherries. They are really good.

I love reading what everyone is preserving !


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I just picked some huckleberries and canned ONE JAR of pie filling LOL. That will be the extent of my canning this year, didn't even bother trying with a baby! NExt year she'll be older and I plan on doing all my canning again!

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I did 8 pints of zucchini relish. I want to get more of that done this week. Then will be starting on our corn soon.

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They were the wild plums that grow in this area (Texas panhandle) - about dime to quarter size and sort of reddish purple when ripe. DH just tasted the juice as it was heating and said "add another cup of sugar" and we just adjusted the sugar to the juice. It jelled up fine with the Sure-Jell, looked like jars of rubies lol. We also got 12 pints of plum "butter" from the rest of the juice with the pulp in it. That will probably be a years supply - we don't use a lot of jelly here.

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