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Any canning going on right now?

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I made HSmom's recipe for Zucchini Spaghetti Sauce, too! Very tasty and heart healthy for the Hubby! Have 9 quarts and 1 pint of it. Made 13 quarts of turkey soup, very thick with veggies so it can be watered down if necessary. Waiting for the last load to decompress in the canner. It has been a long day!

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I bought enough zucchini today, for another two batches. My chicks asked for it, for dinner again tonight, but I had already started something else.

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Bushels of butternut squash...got 2.Canning this week despite inlaw visit! (putting them to work, LOL)

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Shari, the garlic jelly is good with meats. Good on roast beef sandwiches.


I canned pears, made some blackberry jelly, grape jelly, and plum jelly. Canned some beef cubes, too.

Have 25 lb. box of peaches in the garage for tomorrow.


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I'm glad you guys are liking the spaghetti sauce. As I may have mentioned, I really LOVE it myself! grin


Mom11, could pop over the the Preserving the Harvest Recipes subforum and post the recipe for your mysterious bean/hamburger/tomato thingy. It sounds good. prettyplease

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Yesterday, I canned another 12 quarts, 10 pints of the bean stuff and 14 pints of rhubarb/strawberry jam. Tonight, more jam...I hope! I'm taking the pints, with chips, cheese, and sour cream to my Aaron and his roommate, to use for nachos. They are both sick, with whatever is going around the Academy.

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I've got 17 pints of shredded pork - for BBQ sandwiches - in the PC right now. Soon as I can dig potatoes, I'm going to can up beef stew. I'm aiming for 30 quarts and 30 pints (a quart isn't quite enough for a family meal).

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HSmom...How are you doing your pork for BQ?? PLEASE!! I've got to dig potatoes soon too. Caleb and I planted 90 lbs. of potato sets, so there better be some!

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Buy pork shoulder roast. Put in crockpot. Pour over a bottle of BBQ sauce. Fill bottle half-way with water, swirl around and add to crockpot. Turn on low. Go to bed.


In AM, ready jars, lids, etc. Meat will pull easily from the bone. Pack (loosely) into jars. The fluid in the crock will be greatly increased, and runny, not at all like BBQ sauce. Ladle that fluid over the meat in the jars, leaving appropriate headspace, blah, blah, blah. 75 minutes for pints, 90 minutes for quarts at 10/11 pounds (weigh/dial guage).


I bought 22 lbs of roasts (3 roasts), which gave me the 17 pints I mentioned. Threw away quite a bit of solid fat...like a couple of cups, plus all that which was floating on top of the broth.


At serving time, boil off the liquid, spoon onto buns, and add a bit more BBQ sauce, if desired.

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I have another load of tomatoes waiting for me. About half a bushel I think. Some more zucchinis to.

We'll have to start on apples soon to. Out two little trees are loaded! clap

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HSmom I am going to make your pulled pork also, thank you, I saw pork roast on sale last shopping trip. I'll get some next time. It will make a nice dinner/canning project combo. I find I get worn out from my canning projects sometimes. It easier to just have the same thing for dinner that you are canning. Thanks for the idea, Peg

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jewlzm...Click on the recipe link, for this thread...It's there...BEWARE though...You may need to take out a bank loan to buy all the mushrooms in it. This stuff is so yummy...It is worth it!

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If you have a Costco, you'll find the mushrooms fairly reasonably priced. Mine has them in 2.5 lb packages for ... I dunno $6 each?? The grocery store is $3/lb, so you're right about the loan, Mom11. lol.


Hey, and stop calling it ZUCCHINI spaghetti sauce!!! You've heard of SSS (shoot, shovel & shut-up)? Same thing goes for hiding zucchini in foods, only it's PSS (puree, stir & shut-up). If you keep talking about it, your family will find out and then they might not eat it.


We had spaghetti for lunch today, BTW. feedme


Also, I'm drying "six large zucchini" - I'll let you know how much powder that makes...should be done by morning...maybe late tonight.

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I forgot. I came here to answer the question: Any canning going on right now?


Why yes, as a matter of fact I just put up 28 quarts of plums. curtsey My mom helped and I sent her home with 8 quarts. They look SOOOO yummy, but they take up a lot of room, when compared to dehydrating them into prunes. I think I'll dry all the rest.

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OK...Shhhhh! I'll be good. My little rots love green things, but boy oh boy, my sister's won't go near them. She had to have those things buried, well before those girls got off the school bus.


I paid $15.60 for 10 lbs.of mushrooms, at the restaurant supply store, but a friend with a store ordered them for me. Now I need another load of em! I pureed another 12 zucchini and froze them, until I can get back for more mushrooms. I also froze enough rhubarb for 8 batches of strawberry rhubarb jam.


I was wondering about drying the squash today. I just replanted more zucchini two weeks ago and it is up, so maybe I'll get some more, before the first frost...Still almost 100 degrees here. Turned air off though, electric bill was almost $400.


Last night I canned 11 quarts of butternut squash. They sure are "tough nuts to crack!"


From Thursday to Thursday I canned a total of 109 quarts of stuff. Some friends came over tonight and they helped me pack it up AND they carried it to my basement storage room AND they also cleaned my sunroom AND fixed my toilet! I am so happy! There is something unusual about the stupid toilet and the traditional flapper didn't fit just right...Anyway, he got it fixed...For the first time in 4 years....HEEHEE!!!! HEEHEE!!!! All before HE got home from work!!! HEEHEE!!! I made four homemade sour dough pizzas and we had a nice evening.

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I canned eight jars of greens...turnip tops and leeks. I did some with red wine vinegar, and some without. I opened one to taste, and although the leeks were a bit tough, it wasn't bad. (I'm thinking a can of greens, a can of potatoes, a coupla Laughing Cow cheeses, and a wandblender will make good soup)


Then I canned potatoes...a dozen jars peeled and cubed, and a dozen whole, unpeeled. These are really small, wanut-sized spuds, and so good reheated by frying them in a bit of olive oil and butter and shaking them round in the pan til they're browned all over.


I've got four kilos of peas drying, and I'll try dry-canning them in the oven, when they're done.

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We are finally finished with the apples. I canned 193 qts. of sauce and 23 pints of apple butter. I still have a 22 qt pot of sauce in the fridge. I was just too tied to finish it yesterday. I think I`ll do another batch of apple butter and maybe freeze the rest of the sauce. I am running out of jars. Never thought that would happen as we have tons of them. At least that mean that we have plenty food put up, but of course now I can think of lots to can. LOL.

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