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Back when I first found half gallon jars I wrote the company and asked and was told "the only thing we have tested in these is grape and apple juice" and they did not recommend them for other uses.  At the time (back in the 1980s) only a few LARGE Amish families canned in that kind of quantity, and they were even phasing it out as the canning companies started discouraging their use for that. I  love their roomy size though, and use them for dry stuff also with an oxy absorber.  I do have an old canning book giving directions for converting processing times for half gallons, but it was pretty complicated, so I wouldn't use them except in direst emergency for wet canning, any more than I would use the even older canning book that I have (as a curiosity) giving boiling water bath times for meats & vegetables (YIKES!)   Far better to be safe.  

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This thread is old, but wanted to post...went Mennonite shopping today and found the half gallon tall Ball canning jars (I don't pressure can in them...only vacuum seal!) for less than 10$ for six.  T

Crafters use all sizes of Mason jars. It's kind of my style.    The only thing I've ever heard of being canned in them is homemade grape juice, water bathed. Basically some grapes in the jar

Yanno, Jeepers.  That's the most unique use for a canning jar I've ever heard.....   MtRider   ....I LIKE it!!!   

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