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Purchased 20 cans refried beans, 10 of peanut butter,planted half dozen lettuce plants (cuz DoubleD motivated me with her exceptional garden smile ).

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Canned 28 pints cabbage and 16 pints ham. Picked up 6 more cases large mouth pint jars and 6 more cases large mouth quart jars. I have filled up all of my jars this year, so won't have any to can my freezer stuff if it becomes necessary, so picked them up while I still could find them. Picked up a bushel of sweet potatoes too.

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Whitewolf, cabbage is rarely on my menu. We have an occasional coleslaw in the summer. I eat a bit of sauerkraut here and there. What do you do with 28 pints of cabbage? How do you use/eat it?

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Everybody in my family loves cabbage. I add some cooked ham to it or add a chedder cheese soup, bacon, dry mustard and celery

seed and pour over it, or mix some cream cheese and milk, celery seed and a little pepper and stir that in. I have thrown some in a pot of soup. Cooked cabbage isn't for everyone, but as I said this family loves it.

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About using cabbage this is a dish that my family likes and my church group all ways ask for and so simple. Fry up some bacon,add cabbage and cook down add to a pot of drained noodles and stir together add some salt and peppe to taste.

For a large group:

1 lb. of bacon

1 head of cabbage chopped up

1 pkg of egg noodles

salt and pepper. So easy and so good.

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LOL We had sauteed cabbage tonight. My family loves it. Lightly cooked in cast iron skillet after cooking turkey burgers....yummy with a little pepper and salt. Went great with rice pilaf on the side.

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Originally Posted By: LazyBear
Cut up 7 gallon bags of frozen peaches. Yum!
They are so sweet this year.

I did peaches too, my freezer is full of them. Making jam Saturday with some of them.

Wonder if we got some of the same orchard of peaches. 26 dollars for a box of about 32 pounds of peaches.
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Cut up and froze heirloom tomatoes, plucots (not sure what to think of these, but they are organic, were on sale and the kids like them, so hey, why not, lol), and bananas (were getting RIPE and I don't have time to make bread out of them right now). Still need to do more tomatoes, jalapeno peppers & nectarines.


Also got my order from MREDepot & took some of the butter and cheese up to my Mom.

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The store I went to today had Hormel canned chicken & ham 10 for$10 so I bought 10 more. I'm going to can pork roast this week for BBQ and another store has 10 lbs. of chicken quarters for $5.99 so I'm going to get atleast 20 lbs to can for soup.

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Monday made 6 pints of strawberry jam, also put in a small bulk order to Azure Standard (all that was in the budget)some more beans,oatmeal,flour and herb tea. Today started the dreaded basement cleaning! I restocked the house cupboards from the basement pantry and made a list of what needs replaced will have to wait till next week to shop but still have lots of cleaning to do. Need to put my last bulk order into food buckets before the new order gets here next week. Also next week is case good sale at my local grocer so will be putting in an order for that.

Snow season is coming!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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I was checking my preps and relized how many holes there are in them. So I made a list of normal things we would use for 2 months and how much (taking into consideration extra for DD, DSI and DGS). Now every week I will see how much extra money I have and pick say 3 different items from the list and buy atleast 1 of each. To make it clearer of what I'm saying is if TSHF tomorrow I may have like 25 lbs flour but no yeast. Get what I mean? Anyway once I have everything on this list then I will redo it incase our taste have changed any then do another 2 months. Does any of this make sense? LOL

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3 cases of soup (5.50 per case regular 12.00 per case)

i bought:


60 rolls of toilet paper (8 dollars for 30 rolls)

15 rolls of paper towel (11.75)

4 rain ponchos for our BOBs (1.24 each)

a case of creamed corn (7.66, reg 15.98)

32 large cans of diced tomatos (98 cents a can)

large bag of large onions to be dehydrated

mason jars at 3.25 for a case of 12 1 litre jars including lids rings and lables regular 10 dollars


i pureed 2 pounds of garlic with a bit of white wine and water, put it into ice cube trays till solid and put the cubes in baggies ready for use. and blanched and peeled another 2.5 pounds of garlic to be pickled.


i bought a lot more of course, but those are my regular groceries. oh yeah! i also bought mini ravioli for our BOBs. it has a peel top so i wont need a can opener. I want more foods like that.




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Bought 50 pounds of buckwheat flour. I bagged it and stored in buckets this morning. (except for five pounds of which I kept in the kitchen and had buckwheat pancakes this morning! YAY)


Headed off to can another half bushel of apples this morning. (Jars boiling now)


Got three cases of pint canning jars on sale.



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Lets see. This weekend I started cleaning out my garage so I can rearrange and fit in three 55 gallon water barrels and two 10 gallon water barrels and two 5 gallon water barrels.


I am going through pots and pans I no longer use, boxes of kitchen stuff I have no room for, and kids books that I need to decide if I really need to keep that copy of "The Cat in the Hat" Or if it can go to someone else to use. I have about 100 preschool books that someone would probably love to have. They are all in great condition. Maybe I will ebay them. LOL



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I canned another 6 pints of green beans. We moved our sweet potatoes to their permanent winter home on newspaper lined shelves in the basement. I kept out any that had bruises or damage from digging or insects to use right away. We had some for supper and they were yummy.


I also spent some time reorganizing my storage area which I had to shift stuff around when we had 16" of rain in one week. We got a couple inches of water in the basement when the electric went off and I went down and moved stuff from the bottom two shelves UP without rhyme or reason so it was a bit of a mess reorganizing.


I did a quick inventory of empty pint jars and find I have only 64 left. I didn't inventory quarts because I was in a hurry, but need to do so. I'm thinking its time to buy more jars. I like to have more than enough on hand to can everything in my freezer should it be a necessity.


I think I'm in pretty good shape storage wise but need to do an inventory and make sure older items get used sooner rather than later. I would like to order some specific storage items such as instant powered milk sealed in buckets as opposed to the grocery store stuff I've got stored now. Also, powered cheese and butter as well as more powered eggs. I'll admit I am buying these items just for emergency usage because they are simply too expensive to use day to day.


Next weekend I hope to purchase apples to can and freeze. I've not tried drying them but might give it a whirl if I can afford enough apples to cover canning and freezing plus extra to dry. DH has dentures and finds dried fruit hard to eat so I usually make apple sauce to can and freeze slices for pies, etc.

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The pickled garlic would be done in the boiling water bath canner.

I have been making jellies, juiced grapes and froze the juice. I canned peaches and pears. Canned some beef stew chunks. Hope to get a good deal and can some chicken, too. Today I have been drying apples. I saved the peels in the freezer to juice for jelly or just can as juice. I figure why throw it out. I will dry a lot more apples so I will just wait until I am finished with them. Like my Daddy used to say "get all you can and can all you get !".

I am storing up sugar, flour, other staples, and also vitamins, cold meds, things like that. Also, toilet tissue, paper towels, kleenex, toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, etc. Lots of free after rebate things.

I also am getting more fabrics for quilts. In case we need to keep warm without heat we can have more quilts. Maybe I should buy some more batting, too.

Next week they will start giving flu shots. I always get a shot. No way do I want the flu !

I am even Christmas shopping so I don't have to go out in the rotten weather around all the sick people spreading their germs that time of year.

There are lots of indoor projects to keep me busy forever.

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Violet, I buy blankets at garage sales and thrift stores to use as batting/filler in my quilts. I have been making a lot of quilts over the last couple of years. I am starting to get the quiting bug again as fall is approaching.

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This weekend I started putting all my grains/beans/pasta/etc. in quart jars and sealing with the foodsaver. We have a wee little pantry moth problem here...that will not only keep the bugs out, but will also help extend the life of the food.


I'm stocking up on honey and maple syrup. I'm looking into buying a sock darning thingy and a wash board from either ebay or Lehmans.


DH just about has our woodshed done, and then we'll get our firewood in place. The woodstove is scheduled to be installed on October 19.

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