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sick kitty

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Last week someone gifted us with a skinny sick kitty. She is very sweet and thats part of what makes this so bad. You could count every rib from a distance and she couldn't breathe through one nostril. We decided to feed her and if she lived we'd keep her. She got better. Or so I thought. She has gained some weight. But last night and this morning I didn't have to listen for her meow telling me she was coming. I could hear her sneezing and trying to breathe. She is worse. There is cloudy fliud running from one nostril. She isn't dehydrated. She has had kittens recently. Her teats are mising fur around them from the kittens. I can't find any kittens.


She is very friendly. She wants to be petted so badly. And she is always there when you open the door. The pup hates her and we keep them apart since we don't want him to get sick or to kill her. She almost a pest when you go outside.


I'm torn...do I take her to the vet and have him charge me a big price tag that we can't afford right now, give her more time or have hubby quickly ...well...you know. If that happens I'd give her a good meal of tuna and some lovin before hand.


why in the world do people dump their animals out in the country? this little waif just makes me sick. She was someones pet. No neighbor owns her. She is just so pathetic. But I like the kitty.


Anyone got any input?

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I ain't called the crazy cat lady who lives down the road for nothin. I get all kinds of refugees and strays put out at the end of my drive. I treat them just like I would a baby or toddler. Give her about half the dose of a cold/ flue medicine. Do this for about 3 days the 4th day don't, if she's saveable she should have stopped having a runny nose and coff. If the coff hangs on I hate to tell you it might be feline lukemia and she'll need to be put down. I hate having a cat die. I have 2 indoor cats, one is 13 years old and is still the alpha male of my yard, I have 22 grown cats and kittens in my yard, they all know my voice, but there are still 4 that won't let me pet them. I have a friend who is going to take 4 of the kittens off my hands since I've tamed them. I try to find new homes for as many as I can. Good luck with the little guy.

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Thank you Karen! How do you give the liquid to the kitty?


Last night the kids were looking out Guens window and I went to see what they were looking at. THe kitty was curled up where she could see the kids in the window. She wants to be petted so bad. I went out and petted her and gave her fresh water on the back porch. She is so sad.

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I use an eye dropper to give a small amount at a time - DON'T glug it in, she'll choke.

I'd try to call a vet. Most will give you some idea over the phone for no charge. They should be able to tell you how to keep her comfortable, and what she might have.

Up to you.

Good luck!

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I would not lock her up or take her anywhere. There are probably kittens that you do not see. Watch if she leaves. I had a cat show up when I lived in the country and she came and went and I watch her one day and she had 8 kittens. They came out and started come to the house. They all had colds. I let them live in the barn. I do not think the dog can catch anything the cat has. She is probably feeding those kittens. I just reread what you said about her lying down, so there might not be kittens. They usually just come and eat and leave if they have kittens. They might have been sick to and died. Usually people do not dump just the mother, but all of them. I have a kitten on my porch also. He is seveal months old, but skinny. He just appeared in the trailer park. The kids started petting him and now he is at my house. I think I will let them keep him. I am going to take him to the vet when he gets a little older and get him fixed and shots. I have lived in the country with 20 some cats like Karen. The cat leukemia think is the only worry I have. I may take it to the vet now and get tested.

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Hi, I just found your emails about your sick kitty. I suppose by now, she is well (or not)...but I hope everything is well. I have taken in 2 kitties...one a stray, so skinny, and we found out a few days after taking her that she was PG! And I thought she was so small that she was about 4 months old. Anyway, about a week after finding this out, she began to spot blood. We found out when we had her spayed that 3 out of 4 kittens had already died inside her. She was so sick and skinny that she didn't need kittens to try to nurse anyway. To make a long story short, she is now a healthy, beautiful adult cat. She looks like a Ragdoll cat. The other cat I got from the shelter, and in 2 days noticed him sneezing. After a week of antibiotics he was better, but it was a hard week of caring for him and keeping him away from our other 2 cats. About 2 weeks later, he had a full-blown sinus infection...very frequently sneezing and sometimes emmiting green mucus. YUK!!! This time 2 weeks of antibiotic got him over it, and he has been well since spring. He is also a beautiful cat...looks very much like a Siamese with sky-blue eyes...and such a sweet, intelligent personality that I feel it was all worth it! Hope it has worked out well for you. It's a good feeling to know that you have had something to do with saving a precious animal's life that was so mistreated by others!

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