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Pickled garlic

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12 large garlic bulbs (1 3/4 pounds)

2.5 cups white vinegar

1 cup dry white wine (i used red wine vinegar instead cus i dont have wine and im broke)

1 tbs of pickling spice and salt

1 tbs sugar

1 tbsdried oregano

4 whole or crushed chili peppers


blanch garlic for 30 seconds to soften skins. immediately immerse in cold water. peel garlic cloves


in a large stainless pot combine vinegar, wine, and spices. boil one minute. add garlic boil for one minute. pack in to hot jars, and process for 10 minutes.



if you try this, let me know how it turns out!


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Sounds good, very Italian

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sorry...i forgot to check back on this thread.


it made 2 500ml jars, 3 250ml jars and 3 125ml jars


if i am remembering correctly. i made 3 batches already so i cant just count the jars. heh heh heh. what i did is beforhand i put all the garlic into the jars and sterilized that many plus 2 just in case. if you blanch the garlic for a littlebit longer, saw 45 seconds instead of 30 the peel comes off nicely. we kept accidently shooting garlic across the room if you squeeze just a bit too hard the garlic acts like a slippery bar of soap! lol


and yes, it is water bath canned.

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Thanks Pixie. I made one batch, a week ago. I haven't tasted it yet, because I'm of the opinion that pickling needs some time to do it's thing. My batch made almost 3 pint jars (that would be your 500ml jar I believe...about 2 cups).


It seemed like the garlic could've blanched longer, and I was planning to try 45 seconds if I make this recipe again. Glad to know that it worked well for you.


It looks really pretty. I can't wait to try it. If it's as tasty as it looks, I think I'll do some 1/2 pints for gifts.

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I am told to wait about 3 months for the pickleing to pickle.

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I still make this every year, in 3kg batches. I've changed the recipe some...

I use dry white wine, i replaced the oregano with cilantro and the crushed chillies i replaced with whole fresh hot peppers, and no picking spice. I also add chunks of onion to reach jar. 

Happy 10 years of pickled garlic!!!

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4 hours ago, Mt_Rider said:

Hi Pixie.  How're you and family?


MtRider :wave:

We're very well! 

I miss you guys around canning season every year though...lol I'm gonna have get used to the new faces/name around here! I'll probably post a big update later on my night shift. 


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