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have had he flu

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for the past 2 weeks have been sick ...first week had the flu and the back door trots, wanted nothing to eat and then last week am trying to get my strength back....doing better this week but am taking it slow and now is the time when i need to get by bum in gear.....time is a wasting and canning and drying season is here and i do not have a lot of strength to do alot. hubby has been using the new milking machine to do they girls with (goat) he can't milk by hand.......bt am getting better....must be am here...take care and keep the faith

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Seems this mess is going around. A lot of people I have talked to have been sick and can't seem to shake this mess. Hope you get to feeling better soon.

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I heard as well that there's alot of this going around. My dd has had it since a week ago Sunday. Today is day 10 with the back door trots, as you call them grin Luckily she has not gotten dehydrated. She was at the doc's Thursday. Finally Sunday she started eating again. But since I wasn't having any trouble with her getting liquids, I figured Id just keep an eyeball on her.


I sure hope you feel better soon!! Certaibly no fun being sick....and that goes double when you know you have so much work to do!!!




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