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Jo and I are happy to present...


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Our OTHER sister!! lol


cecz is carmen, our youngest sister. Say hi, and bring on the chocolate!


bananacake :7up: :cocktail: :coke: cakeslicedancingbandcheercanadaflagballoons :banana2: star

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SUPER! welcome5 Cecz. This must be a first? Three from one family. clap This is wonderful. Okay, FOOOOOOD!!!


I've got some blackberry short cake with whipped cream! (But I'll hide the whipped cream until everyone gets here, okay? lol)





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shocked shh!! carmen, dont tell them anything!!!!


er..I mean, I have nothing to hide!!


**sniffs around for the whipped cream and mumbles, "its gotta be around here somewhere..."***

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Welcome Carmen...I always have chocolate and I like to share.

How about some triple layer brownies, a favorite, or maybe some chocolate chunk cookies...maybe just Hershey syrup from the bottle...of course, I guess my new favorite is dark chocolate M&M's....here try some.... chocobun

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balloons Wecome Carmen balloons


Oh goodie. Another chocolate and strawberry shorcake party. Spider....I just saw those dark choco M&M's advertised. I MUST try some!


Mo-other! Pixie's got all the whipped cream in the closet with Jo and they're eating it all. NOW theyr'e squirting it under the door at us! Do something!!!!




MtRider [let ME hide the whipped cream next time -- heh heh!]

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**pulls out some yarn**


hey jo, if we are gonna be stuck in here, wanna play cats cradle?

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Welcome Carmen. Don't have any chocolate but there is three loaves of banana nut bread in the over.


So there are some secrets to share oh fun wait let me get a glass of lemon ade.


Oh I am comfy I have about 45 mins left on the bread.

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bananaballoonsbighugbouncebouquetclapclapsmiliecheercoffee Welcome and join in the fun! dancing :banana2: partytimeloveplace And to add to the fun here is a no-bake recipe with LOTS of CHOCOLATE!





Nettrulz's No-bake Cookies



Bring to rolling boil for one full minute:


1 cup granulated sugar

1 cup brown sugar

1 stick margarine or butter

1/2 cup semi-sweet morsels

1/4 cup powder cocoa


After mixture has boiled for one minute add 2 teaspoons of vanilla. Mix well then pour over


2 cups peanut butter

4 cups uncooked quick oats


Mix well and spoon onto wax paper to cool or spoon into wax paper lined 9x13 pan and spread out to cool completely. Cut into bars and lift out of pan. YUM-YUM!




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