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I have 55 gallon barrels that I am going to be storing water in. They are used barrels, and I need to know what I need to do to get the water ready for storage. My water comes from the city, and had clorine in it.


My best friend has barrels coming to her home, and she is on well water, What does she need to do to store water in her house in her barrels?

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For used barrels, I would wash with lots of water and a little bit of soap. Then rinse, rinse, rinse.


City water with chlorine can easily be store for six months without any other 'help.'


Your friend's well water...she needs to add some chlorine, but I don't know how much.

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Here is a PDF with instructions on how much bleach to add.




You are on city water that is treated. That water should be good for 6 months like HSmom said. If you were to treat your water in addition, you could easily get a year out of it. As a matter of fact, I am in the process of rotating my water out, and I have some treated water that is right at the one year mark, and it tastes just fine. Also, make sure you follow the instructions for sanitizing your container before you fill it.


Good luck!

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Hi...Jeanne here! Can you please tell me where is a good place to get the 55 gal. barrels for water? What should they be made of? I am also thinking of purchasing a water purifier to treat water before drinking. Any advise would be gratefully appreciated. I have just started storing food and water in the basement. I did just a little after 9/11, but stopped and let some of it go out of date...I didn't rotate the food items like I plan to this time. I am planning on getting the 101 ounce canned green beans, tomatoes, and potatoes and re-canning to quarts. I don't have a garden to gather from...I don't know if doing this would have much advantage to it, although all the prep work is done and I would only have to put veggies in sterilized jars and process in the pressure canner. I would like to ask if anyone would know if it would be ok to re-can tomatoes using a water bath canner, since they have already been processed at the factory. Thanks!

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For the water barrels. I got mine from a place that cleans barrels after they have been used for food/syrup whatever. They sell them for 14 bucks each.


You could probably google Water barrels, and your city and state and see what you come up with. Even Used water barrels might be better.



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there are 55 gallon steel barrels and 55 gallon plastic barrels. Both as long as they are food grade are fine.


I know the plastic (blue) barrels that I can get have had coffee flavorings (hazel nut, vanilla, chocolate and etc). They cost us $15 a barrel and I get them at my local feed store.


these barrels are used for water barrels for horses. they cut the top off and fill them. They are also used for feed buckets for livestock by cutting them in half.


You might get out the phone book and see if any of your feed stores carry them or can get them. You can always come to my house, we can go down to my feed store. They have about 50 left but can get as many as you want any time.

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I had been thinking about water barrels from bottling plants as was mentioned, but couldn't think of any in my area. I did just have a thought. My town smells wonderful most days because we have a huge bakery practically accross the street from me. They have to get supplies. I bet they get some of those supplies in barrels or buckets that would be food grade. I will have to check them out and see if they will sell those barrels. Of course, I could be wrong. Everything could come to them in bags, but I know they must use shorting or butter to bake with, and somehow I think those just might come in buckets not sticks or small tubs like I would get them in at home.

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for me the nearest bottling plant... *shrug* ... but I know where all the feed stores are! LOL!



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