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Finally started construction


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Our home is finally getting started. Glenn and I have owned our 3 acres not too far from Shasta Lake, near a community called Jones Valley,Ca. for about 7 years now. We had a well drilled in March 02 and installed the submersible pump and pressure tank ourselves. We built a small "well house" in April 02. We have no elec yet, so we use a generator kept in the well house. Then in 03, Glenn had to have back surgery. Kinda slowed us down a bit. Then a second back surgery in 06. He's doing fine now.


We spent a lot of time drawing up plans for the house. A decent size bedroom cause I refuse to give up my king-size bed! A bathroom with 2!! sinks, and a shower big enuf to turn around in. A great room with high ceilings. A guest (2nd) bedroom, not too big so they won't stay too long. A small "office" space so I can work from home. And a KITCHEN with a WALKIN PANTRY. Oh yeah, gotta have a pantry!


We had a 30x30 steel shop building put up earlier this year. Glenn had to have a place to keep his 'toys', the riding mower, the tractor, the tiller and all the guy stuff overflowing the little house we live in. Tools, motorcycles, tools, chain saws, tools, lots of woodworking tools, and did I mention tools?


We've been working and saving towards our goal for so long I was beginning to wonder if it would happen. One day I was talking to my DD and she told me to call "F" a good friend and CONTRACTOR. "F" said he would build our home within our budget. He has an excellent reputation for quality work. So, we gave him the house design and with a few tweeks and trimmings, came up with working plans.


On Aug 10 a dozer was brought in to level the site for the house. We had to lose 6 small oak trees and some manzanita, but still have a lot of oak and pine trees. A neighbor came and cut up all the wood for his woodstove. I have trouble breathing around wood fires so we won't burn wood. Then the foundation was dug and the rough plumbing done. The concrete slab is to be done today.


We can only go up to our property on weekends, darn it! So we miss out on all the progress. It's about a 4 hour drive from here so I must be patient. Yeah right! I'm taking lots of pictures and if I ever figure out the picture thingy, I will post them.


When we were getting our plan turned into contractor plans, "F" kept saying 'that sure is a big kitchen' 'sure is a big pantry'. I told him I can a lot, need room to store stuff, where to keep my canners and jars and jars of good stuff. Shut him up with a jar of mango jam!!!


Glenn will retire in 5 years, he was 61 yesterday. His surgeon wants him to retire last year on disability. He may retire early, after 62 if he can get a job in his line of work near our new home. In the meantime, once the house is completed, I can stay up there, do my job online like I do now, only without having to drive to San Francisco, and have my garden and orchard and can, can, can.


Whoo-hoo! I'm so happy I'm cross-eyed!!


I will ramble on some more later! Lunch time is over and I gotta get busy.

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Oh, hey! This is wonderful indeed! Ya'll must've been chomping at the bits those seven long years, and now look! You're finally getting ready to ride! I know that feeling...'tis wonderful!


BTW, if you are shying away from wood heat because of your sensitivity to smoke, have you ever met an "airtight" wood heater/stove, like an Ashley brand or something similar? I have one, and never smell woodsmoke in the house. Improperly installed chimneys are often a culprit in a smoky problem. It helps to have the chimney installed a proper distance from the roofline, etc. etc. to prevent downdrafts, etc.


In a SHTF situation, I hate being dependent on propane or gas for heat and cooking, esp. if the supply could be interrupted or get unrealistically expensive...

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clapsmilie Congratulations!!! I know you are very happy. It's stories like this that help keep our dream alive of getting our own place. Keep us posted on the progress.









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CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!!! I'am so happy for you and DH.

I Wish my kitchen and pantry was bigger. You can never have toooooo

big a kitchen . LOL



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CONGRADULATIONS AND SALUTATIONS!!!!! I know it is wonderful to see a dream come true.


(could I get the demensions on the kitchen and pantry? Mine never seem big enough!)

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Congradulations...I too would love to hear more about your kitchen and your pantry.They are two of the most important rooms in the house IMHO. I never seem to have enough food storage...and my kitchens are always too small to work in and still visit with family. That is what we use the kitchen for in my house. Or we used to, when we had a kitchen we could fit in. At my sister's house we still do. Her kitchen is big enough.

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