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My very first ebay item. laugh They changed the sign up rules so that I can actually get an account. laugh so...remembering a thread somewhere on mrs.s, about the foxfire books, i went and looked them up. They had books 1-6 and i just won them. Its a little more than I wanted to pay, but there were a lot of other people that wanted them too. heh heh


well, I am looking forward to readig them! and saving up for the next 6. grin

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I am happy for you. I hope it was only a little more than you wanted to spend and not alot more.

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Well, looking back, I might have gotten them for cheaper...if I had bid differently, but for a first time ebay buyer, and first time seller, I am learning as i go. Still, the books have all thier pages, and I am paying considerably less than what they cost new. smile

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What are the foxfire books about?

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The Foxfire books were written by high school students in Appalachia. They interviewed old timers about how things were done in the "olden days". They are a treasure trove of practical wisdom about many skills and knowledge that has been virtually lost today. If you want to know about planting by the signs, hog butchering, chair seat making, hunting, log cabin building, or almost any other such topic, the Foxfire books are the place to look.


I used to have a set that somehow disappeared in moving, but I've been rebuilding it through yard sale and thrift shop finds.

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I mailed off a money order today, i hope it all goes well. laugh

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I got them today!! they were at the post office yesterday, but I was not about to carry them home with a baby in tow...lol yay!!

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Have you had a chance to skim through the books? Good, yes? read2.gif

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