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How is your canning going?

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I've been busy with canning and I'm sure many of you have too. I thought it might be fun, for those of us with digital cameras, to post a picture or two. Here's mine.....will you share yours?

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Dee, I have canned a bit of hambuger and my strange indian tomato/onion paste. I am not savvy enough with the camera to post pictures yet.LOL. Where do you buy those BIG canning jars that look like they may be grape juice?

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jawdrop Wow Dee! Where are you storing those jars? Where did you come by the shelving? I'm so jealous!!


Editing to add: Oh, yeah...I recently canned 14 quarts of apples; not much else being canned at this time.

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Great work Dee.


There is nothing better than food in the jars to give a person that nice, warm fuzzy feeling.


I'll think of you in Feb. when I'm deep into my boxes of goodies.

About then, I am always reminded of the ant & the grasshopper. my jars go back into boxes, not enough fun in a picture of that.


We salute you in your efforts!!

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Good job...you canning, amazing ladies. Well now, that sounds like we are canning 'amazing ladies'. eek


Usually I can get all but the left shoe in the jar. I can everything!!


How wonderful that people are doing for themselves. What marvelous examples you are for your families & friends. clapsmilie

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They are so pretty on the shelves!!! Mine look like your second picture of the boxes. I do not have room and need to build shelves. I have around 150 jars so far, but not a lot of quart vegetables, more of jelly and relish, but did make the chicken soup and a bunch of applesauce clapsmilie

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Nice pictures, good storage and organization. Definitely a blue ribbon set up.


I just finished canning 54 quarts of tomato juice. I've only done 24 pints of green beans due to early drought followed by deluge flooding. We watered the tomatos thru the drought and they're lovin' the rain. (We've had 17" in a week.) I'd just hauled all my juice to basement shelving when the electricity went off and water started coming up in the basement and the generator would not start (still won't)so we spent several hours in the middle of the night moving stuff HIGHER. Fortunately the power came back on before the water got too high. New generator is in our future as soon as we can save $1,500+ for a good Honda.

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I have a pantry right off my dining room and kitchen. Part of one side is all the home canned stuff, the other is a lot of my store bought stuff. I need to clean and organize that side before making my annual Sept. trip to Aldi's to stock up for winter.


The grape juice is just quart jars pegsol but I've seen the 1/2 gallon size at Mills Fleet Farm in Mason City, IA. I would love to have some but just haven't taken the plunge yet. I don't remember the price.


It's so nice to read what you're all doing. Canning around here, the farmlands of Northern Iowa, is not common. My one friend and I are the only ones I know so let's keep it going ladies/men. It would be a shame to for civilization to lose this skill.

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I can't use 99% of my canners on this stove top hicky thang but I can use my baby canner I think...I just need to try to remember which freaking box my weighted gauge is in and then I'll do small amounts for now until I can get the stove in the guest house ready to can with the larger canners.


Boneless chicken breasts are on sale right now so I was thinking tonight about canning some...I think I'll make a trip tomorrow and get some. I'm in major canning withdrawal from this move. I miss it SO FREAKING MUCH!



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All I can say that I've gotten canned lately is some juice.




But, once it cools down, I plan to do some meat for sure. smile


Dee, you put towels under your jars, may I ask why??? I just put them on the shelves.





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My husbands aunt told me years ago that sometimes a jar will leak and it makes a real mess. The towels help. In all the years I've canned I've never had a jar leak but it's such a habit I didn't even realize they were there until you mentioned it. Funny how we can become so accustomed to a thing being in a certain place that we don't even see it any longer.


Your juice looks great Snowmom. I have no idea how to post a picture like yours that comes right up. frown

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I always put a towel on the counter top and place the jars on it until they are cool, but I've never put towels on the shelves. smile


Thats ok, Dee, I don't know how to do the attatchments. smile So this way doing the pictures works best for me. smile


Oh, I don't like reading instructions. I guess that is why I don't know how to do the attatchments. smile



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clapsmilie Wow Dee, beautiful! We have canned Pears and Peaches and want to do Applesauce. Also got a new canning book and sure do want to try Kiwi jam....time will tell. Anyhow your canning looks great!
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Canning my heart out and have had two young moms ask me to teach them how. We met at the Framers' Market over beets and tomatoes! Anxious to pass on a skill not many seem to practice these days! Farmers Market - The Framers are another topic! Hugs to all!

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