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Curious about how you store long term food storage

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I was wondering if any of you repackage food that you buy for long term storage. Like cornmeal or dry beans, I was wondering if you took it out of the store packaging and stored it in jars or vaccuum sealed it?

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Momma, I just started using plastic soda and juice bottles to store sugar, beans,grains etc.Some people on another forum said it's supposed to be hard for mice/rats to get a chew on the plastic. Some guy said he has been doing it that way for a lot of years. He never had a problem with spoilage or rodents. The bottles line up and stack really nice on thier sides. Also they are an easy weight to carry.

I buy wheat in 50# bags and store them in plastic buckets from the bakery.

Powdered milk is re-packaged into vaccum seal bags, dated, and kept in a large plastic tub.

I do some canning.

Best regards, Peg

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I like the idea of the bottles. They would also be easier to pour out into a measuring cup to use. So if it keeps the mice away, I guess I have to start saving bottles.

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Things like rice and dried beans - for long term storage, not short term consumtion - get packaged in mylar bags with oxygen absorbers. http://www.waltonfeed.com/grain/life.html also www.sorbentsystems.com and http://www.mrssurvival.com/forums/ubbthr...true#Post110381 and last, but not least: http://www.mrssurvival.com/forums/ubbthr...true#Post129048

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I thought about the bottles too but we don't drink sodas that much and if we do then we bust the bank and buy 20 oz once in a blue moon. We ae more tea and kool-aid people.


I guess I will ask people at work to save their soda bottles for me.

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I generally buy the 20 ounce myself, but we always have these cookouts where we buy the bigger bottles. My family doesn't like the big ones because they go flat quickly, but when we have a big crowd, they don't get a chance to go flat. I will have to make sure I save them from that. I was already planning on making some planters and bird feeders out of them. My neice learnt how to do that in girl scouts. I just have to get the directions from them.

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vacuum seal in 1 pound packages and store in a 5 gallon bucket.


if you use the plastic 5-gallon buckets, you will need a lid lifter. these can be purchased at any store that carries the 5-gallon paint buckets.


Beans last about 10 years, after that.. grind them up and use bean flour in breads, well... this says it better then I..





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