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Pet Bags to Go!

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Hi everyone - just received my ASPCA bulletin today - thought some of you might be interested to see that the ASPCA is now clearly advocating that pet guardians keep emergency supplies and evacuation supplies on hand for pets.




(excerpt from web page)

Not your ordinary zip lock bag—the ASPCA® Pet Grab 'N Go Bag is an ALOKSAK® element-proof storage bag. ALOKSAK® is a patented design that has passed rigorous testing and is virtually indestructible. The bag's features include:


12 X 12 inch size holds multiple documents

made of a transparent, super stretch, puncture-resistant polymer that is NSF and FDA approved

patented leakproof/airtight seal

certified waterproof to depths of 200 ft/60 meters by Scuba Schools International (formerly NASDS)

passed submergence, thrash and pull tests conducted by the U.S. Navy Experimental Diving Unit Team

A large orange waterproof label on top of the bag has space to write in your pet's name and a check list of items to include. There is also of list of larger items that won't fit in the bag but are necessary during an emergency like food and water for 7 days.


Single Bag - $3.99 Item #0767

Three Bags - $10.59 Item #0830



It isn't that I think the bag is so spectacular - I'm just thrilled they are finally trying to get the masses to prep for their pets! YAY!



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thank you for posting this!! this is very important.


I also like the back packs the dogs can carry on their backs, ones that can carry their paperwork, water and a little food.


This also means that dogs and cats need to be able to be walk on a leash and to be tied out. I have chains for my dogs so in the case of an emergency I can chain my dogs to a tree, bumper of my car, or something stationary while I set up their crates.



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