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On the "road" again!

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I've had a couple of VERY busy days drying and canning! It's been years since I've canned, but I have been inspired to try it once again! Today I made and canned 7 quarts of bean and bacon soup! Yeah!! banana I also tried out my new (used) dehydrator yesterday and dried pineapple, cantaloupe, and bananas. All turned out yummy. And in between, I've been helping my DH paint a room over the garage that he has been working on for me for a year and a half. Whew! crazy His projects are always a lesson in patience!!cheer

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Today, I canned 10 pints of chicken and broth for chicken noodle soup...or any other soup that can be made by adding a few simple ingredients when a quick lunch is needed or someone has the flu! cough

A couple of weeks ago, when I first started canning again, I bought 101 ounce cans of tomatoes and Italian green beans at Sam's Club and re-canned them into quart jars. I haven't been able to have a garden for years now, and these are economical and ready and waiting in dinner size jars. And besides that, they LOOK so nice on shelves in the basement!

I love getting back to stocking up on homemade foods to enjoy thru the winter woohoo or to have on hand if we have some kind of disaster, natural OR man made! Hope the later never happens, but just in case, it's comforting to have some things prepared! Out of 6 large cans, I got 18 quarts.

Now, if I only had enough grapes to make about 24 quarts of juice!! yahoo

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Wow! That is straight back into the saddle! Enjoy now and then!


I have another 6 weeks before I can start again, - but I have the chicken in the freezer, ready for soup.

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