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Talk to me about sausage...

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In the Greek restaurants I used to work in, we made our own sausage, we added orange peal to some, orange oil to others, Dried, grated, peal will work well too). Some were orange peal and maple crystals, ( and we cut down substantially on garlic, in these)......I guess you could do the orange peal & maple syrup.

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THanks for bumping this Darlene. Somebody was asking about it recently, and I couldn't find it. The "search" function is acting weird. Hopefully things will improve after the move/upgrade.



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shouldn't ALL of Darlene's recipes go into the Recipe section? then we wouldn't have to search for, bump, and find them?


huh? huh? ok i am going to do a quick head count.. how many think this is a great idea? raise your hands...


1,2,3,4,5....57,589, 63..... keep your hands up... 2,382...


ok there you have it! Darlene's recipes need to go into the recipe section!

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jt, like I wrote earlier in this thread, I make this italian sausage with boneless chicken breasts and you can't tell it's not pork. I would think that using ground turkey would offer the same result.

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Bumping. I bought a second turkey last month when they were cheap. I'm going to use some to make pizza sausage.


BTW, search is working well now. I searched "darlene sausage" and it was near the top! Yay!

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