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Canned Green Tomatoes

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Since this keeps getting asked for, thought I would post it up here.





Canned Green Tomatoes


Slice tomato 1 to 1/2 inch thick and layer in pint jars with a dash of salt. Add water to 1 inch head space. Water bath for 25 minutes. Shelf life about 2 years.

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I am looking for recipes to use up ALL those green tomatoes I'm always left with at the end of the garden:?) So, I thought I'd start by posting my own:?) My hubby has not had a burger without this relish in all the years I've known him. Recipe is from MIL.


Green Tomato Relish

8 lg green tomatoes

8 med onions

8 lg green peppers

2/3 c salt

2c vinegar

3 1/3 c sugar

1 t dry mustard

1 t allspice

1/3 t black pepper


grind veggies cover with salt in cool place overnight. Rinse 3 times (or thoroughly) Mix vinegar, sugar and bring to boil. Add veggies and spices. Cook 15minutes (good boil), put in pint jars and seal. No further processing is needed. 7-8 pints


I'd love to see all of your archives:?) I hate throwing too many to the chickens!

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Green tomatoes taste like unripe tomatoes. I like the green tomato salsa recipe for burritos.


The relish recipe is fine, except ALL foods need processing, even relishes. Otherwise you have done nothing to preserve that food. No bacteria killed, no true vacuum seal, only a weak surface seal. It isn't the vinegar that kills bacteria, it only makes the food acidic enough to process in a boiling water bath canner.


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Do you need to add lemon juice to the tomatoes, if you are canning them for fried green tomatoes? I've done them before, but can't remember what I added. Thanks!!

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Quilty41, I have a question about your original post. When you say to add water would that be boiling water? Just wondering, as I love fried green tomatoes and was looking for a way to preserve them. Thanks

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Thanks Violet. I've only been canning for a couple of years and I just wanted to make sure that the water should be boiling. I don't want to waste any of the food that God has blessed us with. Thanks

The giraffe is hilarious. I can do that with my eyebrows for real, that's why I picked him. LOL

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Violet, Can I can the green tomatoes using quart jars???? if so what is the processing time. My family makes these into a meal. I hope so I want to use up the rest of the quart jars I have.



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