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You canners are gonna love this!

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Apparently you need to sign up to read anything? I was sent to a log in page...

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Can you please tell us what is so special about this FoodSaver website?


Isn't it just talking about the FoodSaver appliance that you use to seal plastic bags & jars? Is this the website you meant?


This is what one person posted:

I ordered the handheld and various other things that were on sale and thought I would share a coupon I found that gives you 10% off any order at foodsaver.

It's still valid as Sept 18, 2007. Code: LINKAFF1

Use it under the Promo Code Box.


another person posted on Sept 19, 2007:

I got an email this am from foodsaver with the offer of free shipping for two days.

It didn't give a coupon or any such, but it is definitly woth checking out.


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