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Presto glass lids w/ rubber rings and alum. screw tops

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I have a pretty large lot of old glass Presto canning lids, rubber rings, and the screw tops that go with them. Most are in excellent condition. At one time, they had the "Good Housekeeping" seal of approval. I know that things have changed, and I use the Ball lids and rings for all my pressure canned foods, but I am thinking of using these for my grape juice. Has anyone ever used these?

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Thanks, Violet! awwman

I knew that, but just HAD to try it anyway. I had the second batch in the water bath when I got your reply. Before the jars cooled down very much, I chickened out and reprocessed them for 15 minutes with Ball jar lids. Some had sealed, others might have if I had let them cool down all the way, but I feel much better hearing the PINGS and not having to worry about it. I now have 12 quarts of juice ready for winter! thanks

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