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Sweatshirts are in the stores now and are so inexpensive but boring. I mean you can't exactly wear a sweatshirt out to dinner or the kids school. Sweatshirts are so warm and cozy if they only looked nicer and not all that scribble paint on them either.. of course unless you are a kid!


Here are many links not only with instructions but ideas to help you create your own designs. These jackets are perfect for little ones and with sweatshirts only costing $5 or less at a thrift store.. this then becomes the perfect technique for making then wearable art!


while these ideas to follow are girly girl and one is an Easter Jacket idea for a girl, these can easily be made for boys.


Using a boys favorite super hero, cartoon character, toy, airplane or whatever (can be downloaded, copied onto a t-shirt transfer from Wal-Mart - in the copy paper isle up high for white t-shirts or black or dark colored t-shirts) could be quickly ironed on or appliqued. Add a thin cord (zig zag over it) of red or blue and spider man can be swinging across a back of a jacket.


You will need a sweatshirt 1 size larger than you normally wear as it has to fit over your clothes. Be sure to wash and dry your new sweatshirt so it shrinks before you begin.


I love these and for those that quilt.. well... this is right up your alley!!!



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The Sewing with Nancy website has a video available on the basics of converting readymade sweatshirts into cardigans. You need to click on the "Show More Videos" button, then you will see the correct video in the list.




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quick instructions


find the center front


using a seam ripper, remove all the ribbing (neck, sleeve, bottom).


again using a seam ripper, remove the sleeves and sleeve seam so the sleeves will lay flat


remove the shoulder seams and side seams so the sweat shirt lays flat.


cut front in half.


create your quilted pattern making sure that it is large enough to cover your sweatshirt pieces.


Pin, baste or use a basting spray for quilting to attach the fabric to the sweatshirt.


Trim away any excess fabric


quilt by stitching in the ditch.


to assemble jacket use 1/2" seam allowance but best done on a serger.


Use a bias binding around all edges or follow the rest of the video to put on buttons or ties.




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this site is no longer available and found it cached.


this is for a crazy quilt jacket. Looks like it was a class.






Sweatshirt that fits, but still has a little room since we will be splitting it down the front plus creating a side seam that continues to the edge of the sleeve.

Wash the sweatshirt and dry it.


Fabrics that harmonize or contrast with the color of your sweatshirt. Scraps are great for this project. The more variety the better. You will be making 4-inch squares.

1 yard of muslin for the foundation of the crazy quilt squares.

One half yard of fabric for binding and side panels


I will supply the tracing paper.


Paper scissors


Sewing machine in good working order and extra needles, manual

Basic Sewing supplies: scissors, seam ripper, pins, etc.

Bag lunch and drink; there is no refrigeration available


If your machine has the capability of sewing fancy stitches, bring different colors of thread to decorate the finished seams. If you wish bring metallics, but they can be difficult to work with, so if you have not sewed with these threads go for cotton threads, variegated if you wish. If the threads are thick or if you are using metallic bring a top stitch needle.


If your machine is a featherweight, laces or trims may be used instead of the fancy stitches. We will only be decorating the front of sweatshirt with crazy quilt blocks and decorations. I suggest small laces, trim or ribbon—nothing overpowering.


Thread to match your fabric and sweatshirt.


Buttons 4-5 no larger than 1 inch or your choice of closures—frog closures are nice, loops and buttons, hair elastics and buttons or no closures at all.


Irons and ironing boards and rotary mats are supplied; but you may bring a cutting mat if you wish.


To help move the class along a little faster, if you wish, take your scraps or fabric pieces and cut them into strips 1.5 inches, 1.75 inches, and 1.25inches. You may sew the strips together if you wish, mix up the colors and sizes of the strips. We will cut the blocks from the fabric that you are making.



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I don’t care to much for the off the rack looks myself!



I am Glad my step mom shewed me the basics of sewing, and that I afterward learned more. I can sew just about any article of men's clothing,


except a suit coat........ anybody want a funky looking situ coat, 2 sized sleeves, bumpy padding, and oh yess, the collar aint right, ( good for the almost hippy look)


Size 36 to 42 more or less!

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