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Applesauce - Water Bath Canned

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This was the Chucky Apples Sauce. sugar (just a small amount) cinnamon, Nutmeg and apples.


I chopped the peeled apples with a chopper. Boil them in separate pot...Why because I was learning rofl...Next time I'll throw them in with the puree apples...



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Darlene...It took some time to post these picture and you do it all the time...


Thank you for all your hard work and your patience to past down all your knowledge. As you can see, I'm learning slowly and my mistake are minimal. bouquet


Debbie bighug

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I'm sitting here with a huge *smile* I'm my face...


Your jars are just so incredibly beautiful! I'm so proud of you. I love your tenacity, I love your dedication, I love your willingness to learn and try, and you deserve the *Canner of the Month* award this time.


Keep up the good work!

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Now Im sitting here with a smile on my face...Thank you for your kinds words. There uplifting not to mention it's nice to here.


Thank you for the award...curtsey I'll shall wear it with pride. Not sure I deserve it but, If there an award for beginner, I'll take it.









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  • 8 months later...
I then ladle it into my chinois, and with the wooden instrument, squeeze all the applesauce through the strainer holes, leaving the seeds, core and peels inside the chinois:


ok, now I really feel stupid but what is a chinois? Will a metal colander do?

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And for those that don't have that type of equipment, you can peel and core the apples before you cook them and just mash them up when they're ready, and have a more chunky applesauce.

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You got that right...PoGo let me know today they're gone...


Thank goodness I have 500lbs of apples waiting to can up so I'll just re-take all the photos and host them on photo bucket.

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I have just taken out my 57th quart of applesauce from the hot water bath. I plan on making one more 7 quart canner full and then make some apple jelly.


Of course, in a week when I'm over being so tired of canning applesauce I may just start in again. What a year for apples!!!


My apples are so sweet I use nothing but apples to make my sauce and a little water in the pan when cooking. Talk about organic! rofl

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  • 5 years later...

Do I have to peel apples to do this? Could I just core them, chop them with peels on, cook down and can?

You can, but they lend a funky chunkiness to the final product. I recommend throwing them through the food processor or blender after you've cooked them to the soft state.

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