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where is the bathroom?


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See that bucket over there in the corner?



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sheesh... I was thinking about taking a nice hot shower! and you all have me needing to.. to... to... number two!


so... let's talk about going potty! what is everyone's plans?


Me? I can go over there or there or there or anywhere I want! but many of you live in the city and can't exactly go outside and drop your pants! Some of you I know will freeze your bottom if you were to go out in the winter.


has anyone considered a chamber pot? you know they had one under each bed and everyone emptied their own.

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Originally Posted By: westbrook

has anyone considered a chamber pot? you know they had one under each bed and everyone emptied their own.

OK I have to answer this one . . . . to easy!

YES we have chamber pots . . . . . and we have used them! Not something you want to do every day but if you just thiink of it as a "normal" waste that needs to be dumped it is not that bad ( you just have to get what you have been taught as GROSS back to 'normal waste). You can empty your cat litter box, Pick up after you dog, change a diaper but when it is time to do "your own" WOW!
### Do you want GROSS?
how many of you turn around after going #2 to make sure it went down? But tell people you would NEVER do that! same thing you just do it and don't think about it while you are doing it.

By the way Michael has a old glass urinal that he uses when camping or on the raod and YES if Lori is in "the room"! And Lori have a 'hospital' pot she can use too.

Teach your children to use the 'jar' now so they will not think of it if the time comes that you NEED it. wink

OK I am done now - off to wash my hands after typing this rofl

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Need a chamber pot but don't have one?




if you can't use your toilet here is what to do.....

get a 3 or 5 gallion pail ( or even one of your waste baskets in a pinch). Put a small trash bag (or even a shopping bag - check for holes!) in the pail adding some sawdust or newspaper would help also. Then go take off your toilet seat (just 2 nuts in back). Put it on top of pail. Put it agaisnt a wall ( so lid stays on) and use. After done just gather up the bag, tie closed and dump it outside someplace safe!



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The issue here is hygiene. If you have a chamber pot then where do you empty it, or if you dig a hole - then what. A good size pit will work. but you need to keep lime and sprinkle it over the area regularly. There are a lot of composting toilet systems. What about establishing one now and getting used to how it is maintained. Apart from commercial systems there are sites to build your own composting loo. This system is an extension of what many of you are considering - the trusty bucket ...




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Since we're on such a "nice" subject....(thanks Westie...LOL)...we had a outside toilet and chamber pots when I was a child...no big deal....but somewhere in the back of my "cluttered" mind it seems that my father would move the "outhouse" onto a "clean hole" and set what was at the "old site" on fire. But I can't figure out "how" he did this....being that the area should have had "moisture" in it. Maybe I dreamed this somewhere. Anyway....when ya gotta go, you gotta go. So I think you need to figure this out beforehand. Myself, I have to think on this....short-term, like Westie, I can run here and there on this hill, but long-terms....well I would hate to have little holes with "surprises" in them all over the place. Just my 2 pennies worth.

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Of the 2 links I posted; one is on Humanure, the other no-odor composting toilets.


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Like Westy, I can go anywhere practically, and also, as long as I have water I can flush my stool. My septic system works as long as you put water in it. Well, and occassionally feed it if it needs it.


I am not positive how the sanitation system works in a large city but I do know that even small towns depend on electricity to operate theirs. Nothing works without pumps. It would take only a short period of time (perhaps only hours) for a water tower to be emptied and the sewers would eventually be backed up if the waste could not be processed. This would most likely happen in a prolonged power outage or permanently with an EMP as it could be impossible to replace equipment. It could also happen in a pandemic situation where most of the city workers are out also. That means no water, no flushing, etc.


By the way, it could also mean no SAFE water to drink as pumps that normally inject the chemicals would be either non existant or even the chemicals themselves could be. NEVER trust city water in a SHTF situation.


If there is any semblance of a city government, which it's possible there won't be, but if there is, most likely they will attempt to institute some sort of waste removal and some way to get water to the people but probably not before things have gone to hadies in a hand basket. I'm sure their way would have to include some sort of "honey wagon" that comes around and picks up your waste daily. They would not want everyone digging a big hole in their back yards to bury their own waste I'm sure. That means you would have to have a means to handle it until they came at the very least. How much waste do you generate daily? Do you know?


Then of course, there may be a total break down in society and you might have to dig a hole or otherwise somehow handle your own waste. I'm more interested in the ramifications that would cause. Think of this. You live right next door to your neighbor and you go out in your yard to dig a hole to dump your waste in. Your neighbor doesn't though and just dumps his on the ground. What happens next??? You get the picture. Now multiply that into a big city where hundreds of people live in one building and the 'turf' is all asphalt or cement. Then what.


I know that a lot of people believe they are going to get killed over looting and raping and such but I see more problems with sanitation than anything. If you don't get killed in the initial looting and chaos you're going to get it with disease.


It's imperative that you have a means to dispose of your own waste all figured out ahead of time, taking into account that there will be a LOT of waste in a big city. and that may well mean composting. But to do that you also have to have more than just your own waste. It takes some organic material to start the process I believe. Sawdust, soil, leaves, newspapers, etc. How much of that do you have on hand?


Westy has given us a very serious topic here, one that everyone, urban or rural needs to consider. It's a sad day when we've lost control of taking care of our own selves even as to our own waste. It is NOT gross. It is a normal function of a living body and needs to be addressed!


((( )))




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Yes Mother. After societal break-down comes outbreaks of things like cholera, for just those reasons.


If we cannot use our septic system, our plan is the sawdust bucket toilet and composting. We are also surrounded by thousands of acres of forest, so we have plenty of options in that respect.


Cleanliness of water and food is an extremely high priority. The term "filth diseases" was coined by a doctor in the 1800's to describe the urban diseases common at the time. They were common because of of the lack of just those things which would disappear if society broke down for any length of time: clean water and working sewers. If such things break down, we'll be returned to the "Good Old Days" of life in the "simpler time" of the 1800's or earlier, where squalid conditions were common in urban environments. Be ready for increases in cholera, dysentery, typhoid, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, typhus, bubonic plague, and more modern things like MRSA outbreaks as sanitation deteriorates.



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So, it's fairly safe to assume that those of us on septic tanks will not have a problem as long as we can access water to flush the toilets with, correct? Septic systems do not require electricity, right?

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Correct. Most septic systems work on gravity.


You can just pour water in the toilet bowl and it will drain into the system, or fill the tank and flush as usual.

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camping toilets using a little water and chemical isn't a bad idea. Most of the problems will come with the toilet paper. Using camping toilet paper that breaks down with chemicals gets very very expensive. This is where using Scott Toilet Paper comes in handy.


I grew up with an outhouse. then the outhouse got filled... it was moved. Not everyone has that luxury. One thing you don't want to do is contaminate the ground water. Care needs to be taken.


I agree with composting. But composting doesn't mean you can put the manure on your vegetables! I know in the humamanure book he has 3 levels of composting and says it is perfectly fine.. perhaps in a perfect world of recycling, but in a SHTF situtation there may be pathogens like the flu and we just can't be sure. So if composting human manure, use it on your shrubs and around NON-food barring plants.



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Septic tanks only require water. Once a month I would add something like Rid-X just to help it along. If you use 1 ply it will dissolve faster so there will be no clogging. That is one reason I use Scott's its one ply and the boys didn't stop the toilet up when they were little and wanted to wipe their hinny themselves.

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Toilet paper can be used and then put into a container to be burnt instead of in with the waste. That would save on the volume of waste as well as being sanitary if you are careful handling it.


Then comes the time when you run out of TP. We've talked about this in another thread but if you use leaves,,,,,,do NOT use poisonous ones. If you use cloth be sure to have a water filled container to soak them in before washing, much like diapers. That is CLOTH diapers.


Lack of water to wash hands with? You can use clean dry sand (not dirt)and you can reuse it especially if you lay it out on trays in the sun for several hours to be solar sanitized. It's a bit hard on the skin but does a fairly good job, so I've read, in removing germs. Dry rubbing the hands is also supposed to be affective if you do it long enugh but in both these cases I'm not sure that a virus or bacteria would be thoroughly taken care of. Still, it's better than nothing.


((((( ))))))

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westbrook goes out and comes back in with another toilet! (can I use my toilet icon here??? please???.. it got removed that last time I used it!)


so I have a toilet, a ball, a sock, vasoline, duct tape, 1 commercial grade trash bag, a bucket of sawdust, another plastic bag, scissors, and ready!


set the toilet in another corner of the cave. Take the ball and wrap it in a sock. Cover the sock in vasoline and then shove it in the bottom of the toilet (this will prevent smells and gases from escaping or letting any bugs in.. the sock is so it can be removed later). the commercial trash bag gets slipped down into the toilet and duct taped around the outside base of the toilet. The next bag gets slipped inside and duct taped even further down the outside of the toilet... but this one doesn't need to be taped as well as the first one. I throw in some sawdust into the bottom, put the toilet seat down, use the toilet and when done, put my paper in the trash can beside the toilet and throw more sawdust in the bottom.


there done!



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(can I use my toilet icon here??? please???.. it got removed that last time I used it!)

WESTIE!! You BAD girl. wink That was one DIRTY toilet. Needed it's mouth washed out with Tidy-Bowl. grin

Nana removed it and if she catches you again, I think she'll wash YOUR mouth out with Tidy-Bowl!


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