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where is the bathroom?


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I've never understood that. After you wash yourself, you must dry.


So what do you do, use the hand towels?


I don't want to dry my clean hands on a cloth that was just used to wipe someone's bottom dry.

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I told my DH I must not be doing it right (when I tried it whistling) because I was dripping wet from the water, I had to use TP afterwards to dry off. But they didnt have TP, so I'm going to have to ask for some details. shrug


I know the parents used their hands to wash dirty bottoms with water, then I guess they just washed their hands.


Sorry, I know I'm not very knowledgeable about this, but I want to learn, might come in handy one day. When I find out I'll post here.

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I've seen where people talk about using a "bottle bidet". You only need a couple ounces and the stream is directed only where needed. Then use a rag to dry or a very tiny amt of tp. Google for "laboratory wash bottles" to find the best price. If you look for "bottle bidet" you will get stiffed on the price. I haven't tried it yet.

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I have two horror stories about outhouses.


My husband's nanny's husband sat on an outhouse seat and was bitten in the scrotum by a black widow. He didn't survive.


My two aunts went everywhere in pairs when they were little girls. Conveniently enough, my grandfather had constructed a double-barrelled outhouse. One day my youngest aunt slipped through the hole. Her sister grabbed her by the hair and they screamed for help. After wrestling my youngest aunt free of the hole, my grandmother scrubbed her in the yard and burned her clothes. They could not afford to burn clothes in those days, mind you, but they did anyway. My aunt has, obviously, never lived this down, but I still don't know how she managed to fall in.


Morals of the stories:


1) Knock on the outhouse seat before you put anything tender on it.


2) Don't put a lock on the outhouse door.


3) If you have little kids with little heinies, spring for a kid-sized toilet seat!


4) Even in late-1940's Mississippi, there had to have been a better way to get a new dress!

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The electricity here goes off a half dozen times each year. Sometimes the power company gets it turned back on in a few hours. But once in a while it can stay off for a day or more. There's usually enough pressure left in the house pump tank for washing hands and dishes, but one toilet flush would finish off the water available inside the house.


I've two remedies to that problem. One is "the jar." In my case that's a three-quart plastic jar with a green screw-on lid that I probably bought at Dollar General many years ago. The jar has been peed in quite a few times, and, of course, it is treated like the toilet plunger - never used for anything else.


I keep a goat in a pen closed on three sides. The goat doesn't need all that space in there. So I built a toilet at the back from firewood and nails. It has a 2-gallon plastic bucket in the strategic spot below the poop hole. There's dry grass inside the bucket to prevent adhesion (assuming Sevdi hasn't eaten it). There's another (rubber) bucket full of clean water and a bar of soap. There's a roll of TP hanging on a nail that I think is higher than a certain animal can reach. And there's a shovel to bury the evidence with when I'm finished.


Now, there's nobody living in the woods facing the open side of the goat pen. But, just in case, I have a tarp screen sliding on a wire running just under the pen roof. When I use my outdoor toilet, I first shorten Sevdi's chain so that she doesn't get the idea that it's playtime and start pointing her horns in my direction while I'm busy.

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do you mean a peri bottle like the ones they give you postpartum?


as for drying off, drip drying would give me an excuse to hide from the kids for awhile grin


I was wondering what to do with that 50lbs of lye I had from soap making, might as well keep it for the future outhouse




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