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How did you find Mrs. S?


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I think I was Googling preparedness when I stumbled on this site last year. I was so happy to find a place where women were posting about all of these subjects near and dear to my heart. I fell away from the site due to life's upheavals, but I found my way back once things had settled down again. I think it was another Google search which reminded me of this site! On most such sites I just lurk, but this one feels so comfortable and welcoming.


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It was a long time ago...1998 or 1999. I was bored, and web surfing. I think I was looking for things related to the Swiss Family Robinson or something. I was 15 or 16 years old but everyone welcomed me, young as I was. I've come and gone several times since then.

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I'm bumping this up cause I'd like to see if some of our Newbies can tell us how they got here. grin


And you menfolk, how in the world did YOU find us? laugh


But, anyone who didn't see this the first time, how about it? How'd you get here?



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I was Googling around for preparedness sites and got into some other places. On one site, can't remember which because I was looking at so many of them, I saw a reference to this forum. I Googled here and lurked a few months until I could think up a name and here I am.


I wish I would have found this place the way Necie did though. rofl

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I was doing Y2K research in late 1998. I lurked FOREVER, but printed reams of hints and info from the site. I finally got over my "fear of committment" and joined. I have been here continuously since I started lurking way back.


I remember some of the oldies and wonder where they are today. I will always carry the vivid mental picture of Armorer in his camo diapers!

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My DH actually found it and thought I might enjoy it. He's always looking for new survial sights and ways to keep me busy and out of his hair. (what little he has. grin)

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HHHMMMM, well, I got tired of talkin to myself about preparing....!!!???? :woot: No, seriously, I was cruisin thru lookin for preparedness sites and Mrs. S. popped up. I think it was the Hillbilly Housewife. I am so happy I found you all, I have printed off all kinds of hints and info, I THANK YOU ALL FOR THAT TOO loveplace Take care, Reb

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I guess it was not me that found it, it was Old Pine. But, I'm the one who started posting here first. smile He found it while looking for Y2K stuff too. I didn't post at first, but did some looking and reading. Then in January in 1999, I posted my first post. Now, I post so much, people wonder about me. winksmile I love pictures, so I use them. smilelovemrsswelcome3


Oh Momo, me too. smile





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I was hunting for some fan fiction written about the book 'World War Z', a book my teenaged sons and I enjoyed. This led me to




which was a lot of fun to read through. It also got me thinking about a few things, since there were some posters who were survivalists. This led me to sites like Frugal Squirrels and a few others far more hard core. I got annoyed after reading way too much about gadgets and guns and not enough about how to feed your family and went searching.


I found this site, filled with people who have at least the same first priority as I do, namely to keep their family fed and safe through trouble, however differently trouble is defined.


Best of all, most people here have a sense of humor! Most Survival Forums members seem to have no sense of humor and little tolerance for those who do not agree completely with their religious and political views. To me, that conflicts with their avowed love of Freedom and the Constitution. So my right to free speech and I came here.

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