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Baking on a wood stove (heating stove, NOT a cookstove)

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Hi gals! Hope everyone's having a great day!



I have a question.....we installed a woodstove a few weeks ago. It's plenty big for cooking meals on and coffee and all that great stuff. The surfaces are about 12" x 24" (there's two...'cept the one in the back, of course has the stovepipe coming through it). So, I was wondering about baking on it. How would I go about doing that? Cakes and such I can do in my cast iron beanpot with a lid on it, but for things like bread, cookies, pies, etc (I did see the skookie thread, so I am going to try that!), how would I get that all-around heating?? I would like to get where I am soley using the wood sotve for cooking this winter, but need some help with the baking.



Shawna grin

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What about investing in a camp stove oven and using it on the wood stove.




I know Walmart carries the Coleman camp oven and it is like $30 I think maybe less.

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I admit that I have thought about this too. Right now I don't have a wood stove, nor do I have the space to put one. However, i am looking to move and one of the things that I want to do is get a woodstove for back up heat and cooking. I had thought that I would have to get a wood cookstove. Are you saying we can do regular cooking and even baking on a regular wood stove? I will have to look into that. I had heard the woodstoves, have better heat than the wood cookstoves but I really have no clue what to look for when it comes time. I will have lots of questions when I get a place to actually put one. Right now, I do what research I can, but I know one of the things I feel is important is that whatever I end up with that I can bake and even can( once I learn what I am doing) on the stove that I have. So I will definately be following this thread for whatever information I can store away for later. Hadn't thought of using a camp oven on a wood stove. That is a decent option as I was thinking of getting one of those to add to my camping supplies.

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Originally Posted By: mommato3boys
What about investing in a camp stove oven and using it on the wood stove.


I know Walmart carries the Coleman camp oven and it is like $30 I think maybe less.

YOU bet me to posting this!
We have 2 one with a glass in the door so we can see the bread cooking and one without that we use if the other one have bread or pies in it.
You use it just like a oven- same temp and same time. It is great and also we use it at times so we don't have to heat up the kitchen, can be put on outside stove as well.

And of cause we got ours used so we hardly paid much for them and they work great (just watch out if you find a black one - make sure it was heat safe paint they redid it with?)

Back out to shovel more snow! &^%$#*%

P.S. by the way ours is much bigger then the foldup camp one and some Amish Friends have ones that cover 2 burners/ holes and can hold 6 loaf pans for bread
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I have a small wood burning stove with an oven. I am ready to pull out the electric stove and replace it with a wood burning stove!


I have the fire brick, the flues and everything needed to go in stored away.


If your wood burning (or corn or coal or ???) stove has a flat top, you bet you can cook on it! bake on top in a dutch oven too! (need the flat bottom).


This is where cast iron becomes valuable.

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Thanks for all the info. I did try baking a skillet cookie on it the other night (see my other thread LOL!). I would love to get to the point where I don't have to turn on my electric oven at all. I haven't used my elec. stove since we put in the woodstove, just working on the oven part.


I will have to get one of the camp ovens. And I am glad they come in more than one size! I bake alot, so a bigger one will definitely be handier.


We would love to have a wood cookstove one day! I admit I look at cookstove sites and drool over those beautiful stoves!! Some day.....:-)


Our wood sotve has gotten double and triple duty since puttin git in. I cook on it, perk our coffee on it, and have dried countless racks of clothes near it (not too near!). I L~O~V~E our woodstove!!!!!!!


Thanks again for all the info! I will report back as progress is made LOL!!!


Have a great day everyone!


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you could have a small metal box built to your specifications. It is just a metal box, easier if it has a hinged door, a hole in it to put a thermometer so you can monitor your temps. If you had a trivet to put pot on so hot air circulates around...


but if not.. a dutch oven works just fine.


Don't forget.... a BBQ with a lid makes a great oven! bake breads and cakes and pizza! as well as other items.

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wave I have cooked cornbread and biscuits ontop of my stove. Just cook one side flip into another iron skillet same size and cook on other side. Works pretty good when I don't want to lite the oven in my camper. haveniceday
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Lodge makes a cast iron biscuit frying pan that can be used on top of a wood stove. It has six round sections that are connected and seems to heat fairly evenly. You have to turn the biscuits or muffins you are frying. It takes some getting used to but I like it.

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Our stove is a fireplace insert type that stickes out about a foot so our flat surface top that is usable is narrow. It is wide enough for mid-size saucepans and for small cast iron things. However, for baking, I let the stove burn down to coals and put my Dutch oven inside for baking. I'd of course love to have a wood cookstove in my kitchen, but no room and remodeling is expensive. So this works okay...and during last year's ice storm we baked bisuits this way just for the heck of it and roasted hot dogs over the coals on long skewers too-- for the fun of it. During winter power failures we sometimes break out smores ingredients and make those, LOL (I have to use kosher marshmallows and gluten free crackers and soy chocolate bars...but they still tastes great..the rest of the family gets the real deal)

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