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Most of the information I have seen on here and the web seems to be about sewing with a machine. Now, you all know I'm sewing machine impaired, but I can sew on a button and fix a hem and many, many moons ago in high school I made a patchwork quilt (sad looking but functional) by hand. Do any of you sewing folks still sew by hand? And, are there any sites out there that give basic sewing instructions (without a machine)? I would like to try some simple projects..but don't have a machine. And right at the moment I don't have the money to invest in one..so...any simple ideas?

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I hand sew a bit still. I too am sewing machine impaired and am just now learning how to use the machine I have had in the closet for atleast 5 years.


Here are some websites that I look at to refresh myself with different stitches and other information. I hope this helps.






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I did a quick search on dogpile with "hand sewing"... and ended up choosing a side listing... "Techniques in Hand Sewing":














This one I LOVE... It's from a 1893 book teaching schoolgirls how to sew!! It seems to cover the basics well, and adds in more special techniques as the lessons go on.





And another:








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yesno I have always made my quilts by hand. I sew all the pieces together by hand then hang the frames to put my backing,cotton and top on. Then I hand sew them together and hem it by hand. Never made a quilt with sewing machine. flowersmilie
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Oh hand sewing...yes I do it at living history events. I have hand sewn a Reolutionary War shirt and a Civil War soldier's quilt. I'm not great it at due to the Sjogren's Syndrome making my joints in my hands ache at times, but hey...the shirt hasn't fallen apart and although it's basic, that quilt is pretty good, I think! LOL I'm impressed by people who do hand sewing "in real life." Wow...

My ex SIL once sewed an entire pants outift by hand and a young teen I know has made intricate hoop dresses for Civil War reenacting....amazingly tiny stitches. Oh..to have good hands and eyesight again...

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Same here; have always pieced quilts by hand; I have done a full size one and a couple of twins, but prefer baby quilts; much more portable and not nearly so daunting of a project...easier to carry around and to do while watching TV.


Never have made garments that way, though. I've even done some "french handsewing by machine" for special things, but only did finishing work by hand.


I LOVED the site on vintage handsewing, Cat. Never came across so much detailed information on actual handsewing techniques before...they're just not taught anymore.


Did anyone notice the section on doing laundry the old fashioned way?? Made me want to go kiss my washer any dryer...I knew it was a chore, but never imagined just how bad it was before reading about it on that site. I'd always found it hard to believe people washed their clothing so infrequently (by today's standards)...especially when you consider how much more physical labor people did back then. Now I can understand why!!! Go check it out!!


Thanks for the interesting sites; I really enjoyed them.

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Michael is the quilter in this house and he sews by both machine and hand sewing of quilts and some other things as well. Now we both take quilt pieces with us to hand sew when we are up at the cabin but mostly Lori knits and Michael will be sewiing (or knitting).


But good for you that you are not letting the fact that you don't have a (modern) sewing machine stop you! after all thay didn't have them in the old days and WHO is putting one in their BOB ?


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Don't need to check out the section on hand-washing clothing. Did it when I was a kid helping Mom.


Yuck! I still absolutely H*A*T*E jeans! Just thinking about wringing those stupid things out (because they take so long to dry) makes my hands hurt and feel cold...

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