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If you want to buy them, or see the new sizes, here is her new page.


Neck size, without the cover...These are approximately 8" X 20" and weigh between 3.6 to 3.8 lbs.


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Well, I have very quick, no-sew, super frugal way to make these. I just take a man's white sock and fill it with rice and then tie the open end in a knot. I love mine espcially for my back and all of us use them at night in bed as foot warmers. The kids love theirs.


I microwave them for about three and a half minutes.

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Is there a way to heat these without electricity and without setting them afire, just in case?


If you have wood stove, could place inside cast iron skillet or dutch oven. Maybe put oven grate over skillet then the bag on top. Use oven mitt to turn frequently and monitor closely.

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