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Ok gals, I'm tryin' the skillet cookies tonight!

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This will be an all-out experiment as I am trying the cookies in the cast iron but am also baking them on the top of the woodstove. I used the toll house bar cookies recipe, so we'll see how it goes! I'll let ya know!


Have a fabulous evening everyone!!!!!!



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Let us know how they turn out!! If this works, it opens up other possibilities for things you'd think you need an oven for...



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Well, chaulk it up to one experience tried and learned LOL! They baked great, except for the bottom, whihc had a lvely black crusty layer crazy I tried setting my cast iron pan on the rack that's on the bottom of my canner, but it apparantly wasn't enough space between the pan and the stove. I used my water bath canning lid to cover the cookie, which worked good. So, next time I am going to try placing a cooling rack on the stove and setting my pan on that. Other than the bottom, they cooked up great!


Will try another experiment later today LOL!



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This is a little different, but I have mixed up brownies and cooked them on the barbeque grill with the lid down and they turned out fine. I preheated the grill with the lid down first and did the rest just like an oven. I think it took a little less time than the standard oven. This is great in the summer time when the outside temps are awful.

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