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What is eating my parsnips?


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I went out today to pull some parsnips, and found that all that was left was the green leaves, and some of the peel. The bit of the parsnip you eat was completely gone!!!!!


I live in the UK, and the pests I have are monkjacks(deer), pigeons, squirrels, mice, moles and rabbits.


We only moved into our house this year, and this is my first real garden. I am going up a learning curve at the moment. I have experimented with stuff this year, so I only grew a few parsnips, and I didn’t plant them till late June. So all I have are tender, young, baby parsnips. As the soil I grow things on, is solid clay, I put down two small bottomless boxes (12” by 15” each), filled them with the contents of a grow bag, and sprinkled the seeds on top, and forgot about them.

Something has come up through the soil, and started at the bottom of the parsnip, and eaten it from the inside, to leave just the peel! And only small bits of peel, attached to the leaves.


I need to work out what has eaten the parsnip, so I can stop it doing again next year.


Any ideas deeply appreciated.




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My bet would be moles. We have them something terrible here. Luckily our garden was not in an area they seem to prefer.


If you have moles, you probably have grubs. Moles feed on grubs. So, you can either get rid of the grubs, or they have many traps for moles.


Good luck!


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The few remaining parsnips are perfect. No bugs at all. And the moles runs are 60ft away on the other side of the garden.


The few remaining parsnips are also disease free. Just creamy white flesh.


I do have deer, that eat the tops of the carrots, that are right next to the parsnips.


What has confused me, is I "pull" up the parsnip, and end up with the leaves, a bit of skin, and a perfect hole, where the parsnip was.


Could it be mice?




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I don't think it is mice. They would leave a run like the moles do and they normally don't do that, at least not here. My guess would be some type of grub worm. Do you have a county extension agent that you can talk to? Neighbors maybe that have a garden?






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The boxes with the parsnips, and carrots, are right up against a fence. And there are field mice the other side of the fence. I wouldn’t see the runs, on the other side of the wooden slat fence(neighbour's garden).


I only picked the parsnips today, so I haven't seen anyone yet. But next time I see the neighbours I intend to ask them, but as it is winter and raining, we tend not to lean over the fence and chat.


It has got me stumped.



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