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I'm sorry! I suspect your jar was chipped before you started. Cry, and clean up the mess, and live to can again. wink


This year when I was doing pickles, I had one jar start peeing hot pickle juice all over me. It had a pin-prick hole in the bottom. Fortunately, I noticed it (streaming boiling hot liquid on my fingers) before the jar went in the canner. I was able to recycle the pickles to a new jar and move on.

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HSM, I'm laughing at your post!


What happened- I filled the jar, went to pick itup & all the food came out of the bottom, didn't even see the bottom piece at first. I was stunned. Just stood there for a minute.


Jewlz, yes, I was so upset. Kept saying "Why not the CHEAP beans???" LOL


THNX for the hugs. I sure can use them after the last couple of days. *raises coffee mug* Here's to a better day today!

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Over all, I'm thankful. It could have been worse. The first words out of my mouth once I realised what had happened were "Thank you God, for nobody getting hurt." I know it could have been worse. It was such a clean break and as far as I could tell, no pieces of glass everywhere. I scooped it all up with a spatula & put the glass in a brown bag- in the trash. Gathered the food in the towel- dumped that in the trash. BTW- my stove isn't that dirty, that's the food & stock that spilled all over it rofl

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Oh yeah, I've had it happen too. What a mess to clean up and such a waste of time and food BUT like you said, thank heavens no one got hurt. That hot stuff could have really burned you or someone else very badly. bighug

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Oh, I am sorry that happened. It is called Thermal shock and it is caused because the food you are putting into the jars is hotter than the jar. That, or you set it on a cold surface. It most often happens as you put them into the canner, when the jar and contents are not as hot as the water you put them in.

You can determine the cause by the type of crack in the jars.

Glad you were not hurt !

Here is how to determine the cause :

What Causes Jars To Break?

There are several types of breaks that occur. Each break looks different and has specific causes. Thermal shock is characterized by a crack running around the base of the lower part of the jar, sometimes extending up the side. To prevent thermal breakage:


Avoid sudden temperature changes, such as putting hot food in a cold jar, putting a cold jar in hot water, or placing a hot jar on a cool or wet surface. Keep jars in hot water until filled.

Use a rack in the canner.

Avoid using metal knives or spatulas to remove air bubbles or steel wool pads to clean jars.

Internal pressure break is characterized by the origin of the break on the side. It is in the form of a vertical crack that divides and forks into two fissures. To prevent pressure breaks:

Provide adequate headspace in jars for food to expand when heated.

Keep heat steady during processing.

Avoid reducing canner pressure under running water or lifting the pressure control or petcock before pressure drops to zero.

Impact breaks originate at the point of impact and fissures radiate from the point of contact. To prevent impact breaks:

Handle jars carefully. Jars that have been dropped, hit, or bumped are susceptible to breakage. Test new jars that may have been mishandled (to see if they break) by immersing them in room-temperature water, bring to a boil, and boil 15 minutes.

Avoid the use of metal tools to remove air bubbles.

Avoid using old jars. Jars have a life expectancy of about 10 years.



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A friend of mine borrowed a crystal punch bowl (expensive) and she did not understand about Thermal Shock. So she made punch and had it chill for about 12 hours. Well right before the guests arrived she poured ice cold punch in the bowl and well that baby cracked right down the middle and fell into 2 pieces off the fancy stand. It cost her a pretty penney to replace it.

Now she understands.

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Definitely wasn't thermal shock. I think HSM was right & there was a crack, maybe a weak spot, I dunno. My jars were hot, the stew was hot and they were on a double layer of towel, which is what I usually do with them *sigh*


Bisc- that would SUCK! At least mine was only a couple of dollars worth of goods.

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Glad you didn't get injured. Wait until you put a jar in the canner with chili in the jar and you hear a sharp CRACK. You know right away what it is. All you can do is take eveything out, dump the contents and start over.






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Avoid using old jars. Jars have a life expectancy of about 10 years.

Hey Violet, thanks for the explaination about Thermal Shock. [New Canner Paranoia here smile ]

When it says 10 yrs....can I assume that's 10 yrs of use....not just setting on the shelf? Like our granny's old jars?

Now that any of us would be throwing out old jars anyway. But it's a heads up to maybe check them more carefully.

MtRider [mumbles...ok, "ping" is good; "crack" is bad...... wink ]

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Yes, 10 years of use, approx. The glass gets weak from use over the years.

That is sad about the punch bowl !

We went to some friends who were newlyweds. The gal had just run the dishwasher. She opened it up, then proceeded to fill the glasses with something cold to drink. She broke several glasses before I knew what she was doing. I heard her getting upset in the kitchen so I went in there. I explained about not putting ice cold drinks into glasses right from the dishwasher.

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Violet, I'm so glad you're here with us...you sure are a fountain of important information and share it freely with all of us.


I just wanted to offer a personal thank you.



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