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Darning socks


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Motherearth was talking about darning socks in her story and I realized I know nothing about that. So I looked up some links.






Also didn't know you need to use a special needle for that...



And I've only heard about a darning egg...never seen one...



And this link says you can use a egg shaped gourd...I might have one of those around...



And who knew...using a darning egg can be a sensual pleasure... grin


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I have done a poor job of repairing socks before, but can't say I have ever learnt how to properly darn them. I will have to practice this skill. I have given in to the modern trend of pitching socks with holes in them, because when I repair them it leaves a part that is uncomfortable on my foot when I wear the socks. If they were done right, that wouldn't be a problem.


As for a darning egg, I wonder if a small round rock would do as well, or any other smooth rounded surface, maybe even a shot glass or small bowl depending on what size you need. I will have to experiment.

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Thanks Stacy. ALL my DARN sox have holes. I'm so hard on sox. I've already printed out these instructions. I have done a version of repair...but it's based on puckering the edges of the hole together and that forms an uncomfortable lump and may no longer fit. This looks much better. Oye, I have a LIST of mending to do....on these long winter nites.


MtRider knit

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for us this is one of those ZEN things. Darning a sock is one of many things we do that makes you feel in touch with the past . Make sure it is washed fist rofl and then use whatever you have to keep the sock open, and use a blunt needle to sew it with.

This is one thing you can learn now in case you find yourself without a machine when TSHTF.

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Originally Posted By: nmchick
I've just been composting mine. If you throw them in unwashed, it gives the compost more "flavor".

Ya know...I have composted a lot of things...I never thought about composting my socks...this is another one of those "things I learn" from here... What "flavors" are we talking here, NM? grin
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Originally Posted By: dogmom4
Originally Posted By: nmchick
I've just been composting mine. If you throw them in unwashed, it gives the compost more "flavor".

Ya know...I have composted a lot of things...I never thought about composting my socks...this is another one of those "things I learn" from here... What "flavors" are we talking here, NM? grin

Uhh, cheese? rofl

Wool and cotton compost nicely. Sometimes there's a little spandex left over and it goes to the trash or is used as weed blocking mulch somewhere. It's a long way to the dump and pretty stinky there, so we use do everything possible to get rid of things by other, uh hum, creative means.

My DD attracts everything that stains, so her trashed clothing first gets used as kitchen rags and when a rag gets too slimey I just throw it in to the compost. (Don't worry. She's usually the third child to wear the clothes.) We use left over pieces of clothing like some use paper towels, then compost them.
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now I have done that before....especially when it is cold. Haven't done it for years though. My feet swell too much to wear two pairs of socks unless one is a larger size.


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LOL I have inherited a couple of darning eggs on a stick tools...and I confess that although I have learned to use them, I often do not. We recyle our horrid old socks into rags. Putting one on the hand works great for dusting. However, it's a good skill to know just in case...darned socks!

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My, I haven't thought about doing this for years now. I too am just using them for dusting and then when I get tired of washing them I toss them out, never thought of composting them either.


Someplace in the house there should be one of those egg things, I just know there has to be. You see, it has been a very long time since I've used it.


This is a good thing to learn as one never knows when you will need to be able to do it.





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I was talking to my daughter and she said that what she uses is one of the kids small balls. They fit in the socks to give her a work surface and there is always on around. With six kids, she does take the time to darn socks. She even no longer pays attention to the size when she buys secondhand clothes if she likes it. She buys it and adjusts it down to the size she needs. More than I would do, but with a family of 8 soon to be 9, I guess you have to save money where you can.

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arrrgh! compostging sox & other old clothes? nonononono. cut across the ankle parts to make rubber band looking thingys, then use them on your looper loom to make potholders. cut them in strips and crochet rugs - baskets - pads - heavy but warm! dont compost until there is nothing left but threads!!! even so, those threads can be washed & used to stuff things - quilts, toys, and such. i know many a doggie who would just adore having a toy stuffed with his owners' old sox (ya know, they would find dirty ones even more attractive) you never saw a puff quilt using old nylons? sox would work took just a bit heavier

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