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Here's another version, PLZ tell me what you think

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And thnx for the previous comments! I added a pocket that was a bit lighter and zig zag stiched a ribbon (same ribbon as the waistband) to the pocket. Frayed the waist hem, made no other changes. How do you guys like this one?


And I do plan on making more based on various comments on other sites!

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Jewlz, I thought about bias tape on the edges. I also considered zig zag stitching the ribbon across the front of the waistband in front. SOOOO many ideas! For me, personally I really liked the idea of the frayed edges. This one is MINE of course rofl Actually the pink ribbon is very near & dear to me, so being the first one, I'm keeping it.


THNX so much to both of you!!!

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LOL! Oh my!


When I first saw the pic of just the half apron I thought these were SKIRTS!


My eyebrows shot off my head...not that there was anything wrong with it but it just wasn't what I was expecting, lol!


I then went and read the original thread and realized it was an APRON!


ahh, makes much more sense now! lol. Very cute, Kayla! Good for you!



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