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How The Best of MrsSurvival Forum Works:


This forum is a cool thread-mining machine for unearthing buried treasures from the wealth of over two hundred thousand informative posts here at MrsSurvival. That number is rapidly increasing, and some of our best threads are buried beneath the weight of tons of information.


Here is a new way to unearth a perpetually evolving and ongoing collection of favorite threads and other lovely gems. Old treasures are getting buried deeper and are getting more difficult to find by the day, so please share your favorites here, in the Best of MrsSurvival Forum! The beauty of the plan is that when the newly unearthed treasure is brought out into the light, it will naturally experience a born-again revival.


All the unearthed treasures in this forum will attract the attention of other posters who may have never seen these threads before. This will naturally bring fresh content and more polish to the threads.


All of MrsSurvival's members are invited to nominate favorite threads, resource lists and other gems. Members are welcome to review the nominations and vote with our star rating system. The best are immortalized in our great Hall of Fame, which is a collection of threads that earn title, The Best of MrsSurvival, after a thirty-star rating is reached. The highest rated threads will qualify for future Gold Thread Awards.


If you have some favorite threads that you think might qualify as one of The Greats, we invite you to submit your nomination!



Here's how!


There are two ways of nominating a thread to be voted on for 'The Best of MrsSurvival':



1. THE E-Z WAY is to simply copy the link to your favorite threads right here ...and the rest will be done for you:


>>>Click on this line to do it the EZ way<<<


NOTE! Because this is a wide-open-to-the-public forum, please do NOT nominate threads from any of the members-only forums.



(Sometimes you might have to wait a bit for service. If you're in a hurry, or just want to do it yourself, please see #2.)


2. THE "HARD" WAY: (Pssstt... it is not really hard to do, just takes a little bit of time. If you do it this way, your nomination is instantly 'up there' for voting, with no waiting involved.)

If you opted for #2, please use this form to submit your nomination:



Official 'Best of MrsSurvival' EZ Nomination Form



EZ Instructions:


1. Start a new nomination thread in the Best of MrsSurvival Forum by selecting the "New Topic" button at the top left corner on the main page of the forum.



2. Name your "New Topic" this way:



-->Rate this thread!<-- (insert original thread title here)


EXAMPLE: -->Rate this thread!<-- Return of the Penny Stove


3. Make the first post on the nomination.


Please provide:


1. NAME of the thread and the forum it came from




3. COPY & PASTE the following memo into the first post: (Please include the dashed lines and everything between them.)







Rate this link!


3 stars .......If you think it is really great


2 stars .......If you think it is good


1 star ....... if you think it has great potential with more updates or added content



After thirty or more stars are voted by members, the thread nominator will submit the link to this thread containing all the votes to:


"Top Rated Links: The Best of MrsSurvival":









That's it! Now your nomination is ready to be rated!



Are you new here?


Sign up as a member and come scorebad.gif with us!


If you would like to see a demonstration of the rating process, go here:



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