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Feeding one person for a year $112.35

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I have sprouted wheat. Do NOT use greywater! Use only clean water and you MUST rinse several times a day or it will sour and stink. Greywater has bacteria in it. You should only use water that you would drink for sprouting anything you intend to eat.

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from corn---tacos, tortillas, hominy, mush, fried mush, hoecakes, corn dodgers, corn gravy, cornmeal soup, parched corn, and all manner of cornbreads.

from beans: refried beans (fill burritos, spread on tostadas, etc); boiled beans, bean 'nuts' (You can make same as soy-nuts, bean+cornmeal patties, bean & cornmeal 'pie'; bean sprouts steamed, fried, and chopped for 'slaw'; boiled beans in salads (marinate plain, or add cheese, dill pickles, pasta, etc); bean soups, baked beans

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