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Here is a growing list of links to winning threads that have gotten 'votes' of thirty or more stars. This list of top rated threads is a work in progress. There are so many great threads at Mrs Survival that need to be nominated yet!


Please help us make this list grow!


Have you run across a particularly helpful thread in any of our forums that might be worthy of nomination for 'The Best of MrsSurvival' Awards?


Please go HERE and paste a link!







(pssttt...if you are new to the internet, clicking onto the following individual thread titles will take you there. Click onto your browser's < 'go-back' button to return to this page.)













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This thread outlines budget plans for long term food storage with your choice of a $25.00 plan, a $50.00 plan or a $100.00 plan.



From the Are You Really Ready? > Budget and Storage Plans forum:


"Budget plans for long term food storage"
















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This is very basic and do-able way to eat when you have very little money.


If you have a small garden or know how to forage for wild foods, you can supplement this no-frills budget plan and thrive.


From the Are You Really Ready? > Budget and Storage Plans forum:


"Feeding one person for a year $112.35"















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You've received credible inside information that a disaster is pending. This thread thinks through what people would buy if they could only have one hour at one store before such a disaster.



From the Are You Really Ready? forum:




"Last Minute Scenario"
















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This is an easy step-by-step photo tutorial for making homemade bread. Follow along and watch the process from start to finish: from grinding the wheat to a finished loaf of bread, plus rolls!



From theIn The Kitchen-The Heart Of Our Home forum:


"Step By Step Bread"














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This is a great collection of useful threads about doing laundry in hard times. These threads include a variety of laundry soap and detergent recipes, line-drying techniques, and a nice collection of old fashioned laundry tips.




From Pinching Pennies:


(thread started 6/10/08)

personal experiences, recipes, differences, ideas, suggestions

making your own washing soda, fabric softener, dishwashing powder




From Urban Homesteading:



(thread started 8/1/07)




From So Wadda Ya Think? (registered members only):



(thread started 8/25/07)




From Pinching Pennies:


(thread started 04/07/08)

recipes, differences, ideas, suggestions



From Are You Really Ready?:



(thread started 4/14/08)




From Homemade Memories :


This one is about making soap from scratch...


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I am doing a few searches... but for now...


The newest, not really a bicycle, but these threads might be interesting...






As a side note, an e-bike could be a nice addition, that doesn’t use gas, as long as you have electricity to charge it.  I do not have any experience with them, whether or not they can be used without electricity.



Here is a couple links to reviews on various e-bikes.  




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We used to have another thread, but it was mostly links, and almost all the links are dead after all these years.  That's the thing about the internet:  links die.  

My DX's bamboo trailer was more or less like this:  Make a Bike Trailer for Less Than $10 !


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