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Exciting GUEST Chat Thursday January 31 - Herbal Remedies

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At long last...


As many of you have requested...


We are going to have Lois and Mother join us this week to discuss herbal remedies.


If you know now one or some of the questions you want to ask, please PM them to me. I will pass them on to Lois and Mother, so that they can do any needed research.


Times are posted a 'stickied' thread at the top of this forum. If you are a newbie (or even an oldie) and can't find it, click on my name over there

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My trouble with chat is really baaaaad!! I get busy and forget it's Thursday and remember too late in the day to go. I'll try for this one. I've never tried a topic chat before. Heck, I've only been in chat three times! (and one time it was ghosts)

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Excellent chat!! A HUGE thanks and cake and dancing for Lois, Mother and SuzyQ!!! clap


I've got the whole two hours saved to my hard drive. I'll edit it and post it later, as I'm not feeling well today.

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NOTE: Sometimes when I archive, the user names get 'lost' in the process. I've used text color to replace names where possible. However, both Lois and her knowledgable daughter SuzyQ322 were using white. I did what I could. I've also added some text and corrected some typos...for example at 7:16 Jewlz asked what the mullein was for. The reply said "for the lungs." To which I added "(the mullein)" to clarify. Mother, Lois and Suzy, I'd appreciate it if you'd review this to ensure that I didn't change any meanings with my 'corrections.' .... Well, lookie there! As I preview, I see that "Lois" shows up with flowers - isn't that fancy!


I also cut out a lot of chatter and people coming and going, so that's why people just 'disappear.'


[HSmom] 7:05 am: Lois & Mother, look at the crowd you've drawn!

[ArmyOfFive4God] 7:05 am: holy crowd, we have a cow today?

[Mother] 7:06 am: kind of daunting

[HSmom] 7:06 am: Not at all Mother!

[HSmom] 7:06 am: This is probably the earliest we've ever done so, but *HS raps gavel*

[HSmom] 7:08 am: Well lets all give our guests a warm round of applause!

[WormGuy] 7:09 am: clap

[Lois] 7:09 am: If you could have only 5 things in your herbal medicine cabinet what would they be? Mine are: Garlic tincture, St Johnswort, peppermint, cinnamon, mullein.

[jewlzm] 7:09 am: clap

[HSmom] 7:09 am: *clap* *whistle

[ArmyOfFive4God] 7:09 am: *clapclapclap*

[shirley] 7:09 am: hi ladies to let you all know that i am sk on the forum for some reason it does not come up on here

[HSmom] 7:09 am: Glad to have you SK

[Mother] 7:09 am: hmmm that is about what I put in mine too - first five

[HSmom] 7:09 am: Lois, why do choose those five?

[HSmom] 7:10 am: Mother, just start typing your five and your 'whys' now too...you won't be interrupting.

[Lois] 7:10 am: Jim has high BP so Garlic

[Lois] 7:10 am: I use the Stm johns wort for relaxing

[ArmyOfFive4God] 7:10 am: Garlic's in mine, too, but for it's AB qualities

[Lois] 7:11 am: peppermint to sooth the stomach

[Lois] 7:11 am: Cinnimon to reg sugar

[?SuzyQ] 7:11 am: cinnamon cause it aids in using the insulin your body produces

[Mother] 7:12 am: cinnamon is also a carrier for other herbs - helps them be more effective

[ArmyOfFive4God] 7:12 am: Is this strictly herbs, or are minerals included in this?

[Mother] 7:12 am: Cinnamon might be a difficult one to get though

[[Lois or Suzy]] 7:13 am: but it stores well in the stick form

[[Lois or Suzy]] 7:13 am: not too hard to find either as of right now

[Mother] 7:13 am: yes and that's the best form to store it in as ground it loses it's oil and medicinal properties eventually

[Lois or SuzyQ] 7:14 am: don't know enough about minerals to help you

[ArmyOfFive4God] 7:14 am: I've always considered herbs & minerals to go hand in hand, which is why I was curious

[Mother] 7:14 am: I guess it depend on if we are talking a SHTF situation where nothing comes in to an area or what

[ArmyOfFive4God] 7:14 am: I used to work at GNC & am a natural supplement "freak" LOL

[shirley] 7:15 am: i am new to herbs what kind of book is best to read for someone starting out? second question? is this chat going to be on the forum later so i can take notes then. this is all new to me.

[ArmyOfFive4God] 7:15 am: Yes we'll post the chat later. HSM is doing that!

[HSmom] 7:15 am: This chat will be archived - lessen I have a computer glitch.

[Lois or Suzy] 7:15 am: Sk leave the window open and you will have it to copy from

[jewlzm] 7:16 am: and the mullein?

[ArmyOfFive4God] 7:16 am: And as for a book, my personal fave, & this goes with my herbal AND minerals comment- Prescription for Nutritional Healing

[Lois] 7:16 am: for the lungs (the mullein)

[shirley] 7:16 am: thanks suzyq322 just as long as i don't walk away and one of my kids close it:)

[ArmyOfFive4God] 7:17 am: I'm sure you'll get more book recommendations though,


[Lois] 7:17 am: it helps to open bronchial tubes

[Mother] 7:17 am: I woud suggest that if you are worried about not being able to get or store these herbs that you grow Calendula, chamomile, lemon balm, peppermint and sage

[Lois or Suzy] 7:17 am: Mullen flowers soaked in olive oil for 21 days,ear ache medicine

[deanne] 7:18 am: i know the medicinal properties of lemon balm and calendula, what about the others?

[Mother] 7:18 am: mint goes without saying for the stomach but also for the menthol qualities for opening nasal pasages

[Mother] 7:19 am: lemon balm is soothing and can be used for antiviral

[HSmom] 7:19 am: Please explain all 5; Nursing School didn't include much on herbs. wink

[Lois or Suzy] 7:19 am: watch the peppermint if you have high BP (blood pressure)

[Mother] 7:19 am: it (lemon balm) has been used for adhd children in tincture form

[deanne] 7:19 am: right, we have to be careful at our house though because we have someone with chronic heartburn and the peppermint makes that worse.

[Lois or Suzy] 7:19 am: Nutritional Health, by James F. Balch, M.D. & Phillis A. Balch, CNC.

The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine , by Micheal Murry, ND and Joseph Pizzorno, ND

[Mother] 7:19 am: also watch licorice if you have HBP (high blood pressure)

[suzyQ322] 7:19 am: those are the 2 (books) I use

[deanne] 7:20 am: calendula is good for your liver

[HSmom] 7:20 am: Real licorice or the 'black vines' candy that comes in a package? My dh loves licorice- flavored candy, but has HBP.

[Mother] 7:21 am: Calendula is multi faceted also. Teas for gargles for sore throuat, heals skin irritation in lotion or oil form, heals and disinfects wounds

[Lois or Suzy] 7:21 am: also milk thistle,Deanne (for the liver)

[deanne] 7:21 am: yes, we keep that on hand as well

[Mother] 7:22 am: reallicorice,not the flavoring, which is usually more anise actually

[Lois - speaking on a question that was provided befor the chat] 7:22 am: How do you determine the herbals importance? It would depend on the needs of each family, read learning about herbs in Herbal Pharmacopoeia

[Necie] 7:22 am: how do you make a 'tincture'? what's the base? if it's difficult to explain we could start a thread

[jewlzm] 7:23 am: Ok.. so for things like eczema and dermatitis I might try calendula? in oil form

[Mother] 7:23 am: sage is a geat herb for healing the mouth and has a high mineral content. IT's often used for things like PMS

[Lois or Suzy] 7:23 am: Star anice, there is a difference between the med qualities from american anice

[Mother] 7:23 am: calendula and honey make a great forumula for rashes

[Lois] 7:23 am: Herbal Tinctures: A tincture is a solution made by steeping any part of an herb in a mixture of alcohol and water. Tinctures are used internally or externally for varying purposes. Quantities vary for each herb, but a general guideline is to use 4 oz. dried or 12 oz. fresh herbs with 2 cups of 75-proof vodka (min). To make a tincture, place herbs, vodka, and water in a glass jar, cap tightly, and store for three weeks, shaking vigorously every other day. Strain and pour into sterilized, glass jar

[Lois] 7:24 am: This and other info can be found in Nature's Prescriptions sub forum Herbal formulas.

[deanne] 7:24 am: how is the calendula and honey mixture made?

[Mother] 7:25 am: Lois has done a wonderful job with the NP forum

[] 7:25 am: how much water per 2 cups vodka?

[Mother] 7:26 am: I make a calendula tincture and mix a couple drops with honey and use it fresh. Put it on and then let it set for a while. rince it carefully with cool water. pat dry. I then put on a calendula ointment

[deanne] 7:27 am: i have a recipe for oinment that uses calendula and lemon balm, would that work?

[jewlzm] 7:27 am: Gonna have to print this chat out.. alot of info here

[Lois] 7:27 am: I do not use water in my tincture, this was from a site online

[Mother] 7:27 am: yes, lemon balm works well with calendula. In fact, many herbs work better with others: it's a sort of synergistic effect

[deanne] 7:28 am: right.

[HSmom] 7:28 am: Synthetic meds are the same way.

[Mother] 7:28 am: I don't use water either Lois, just vodka

[deanne] 7:28 am: does it matter if my herbs are fresh or dried when making oinments, teas,etc? (sorry if this was already answered as i came in a few min. late)

[Lois or Suzy] 7:29 am: Herbal Tea: Teas are basically infusions, but for internal use and often made in smaller amounts. Please check for the specific amount that should be used daily. Basic instructions for a cup of tea: Heat water on stove to just below boiling. Pour the hot water directly over 1 teaspoon of herb and steep for 8 to10 minutes, then strain. If using a bag or filter, it helps to swish the bag around while it steeps.

The dosage varies with the remedy, about a cup 3 or 4 times a day is reasonable.

[?Suzy] 7:29 am: PLEASE , remember to check out all herbs for your self, not all will work for everyone. And some may also be harmful if taken with other ailments present.

[Mother] 7:29 am: You might get a different strength with dried compared to fresh. It takes more fresh than dried to equal but then, you get different compounds with tinctures than with teas some times too

[Lois] 7:29 am: Quantities vary for each herb, but a general guideline is to use 4 oz. dried or 12 oz. fresh herbs with 2 cups of 75-proof vodka (min).

[Mother] 7:31 am: Suzy is right, most people think of herbs as just another food but they can be extremely effective and also just as dangerous if you don't do the research

[ArmyOfFive4God] 7:31 am: Everclear is best IF you can get it in your state. It has the highest proof available

[ArmyOfFive4God] 7:31 am: The problem is finding it

[jewlzm] 7:32 am: making it isnt a problem though

[] 7:32 am: it is also the cheapest in NY

[shirley] 7:32 am: which ones are better dry or fresh. and where do you get them ?

[deanne] 7:32 am: how long will dried herbs keep when stored properly?

[Lois or Suzy] 7:32 am: Most liquor stores will order it for you

[jewlzm] 7:33 am: Out of personal interest at the moment.. What herbal (legal) is best for pain?

[Lois] 7:33 am: 4 0z dried

[Lois] 7:33 am: 12 oz fresh

[Mother] 7:33 am: Dried herbs start to lose their potency soon after drying unless stored very well.

[Necie] 7:33 am: do you use straight everclear or do you dilute that as it is stronger

[Mother] 7:33 am: hmmmm I'd say willow might be best but it's like aspirin

[HSmom] 7:33 am: Ah, thank you, so how is it best to store them?

[Lois] 7:34 am: I use it straight

[Deb2of9] 7:34 am: i will have to look at transcripts later for what I missed. I was glad I didn't have to work for this one. I want to learn more about herbs

[Lois or Suzy] 7:34 am: cool, dry and DARK

[ArmyOfFive4God] 7:34 am: straight

[ArmyOfFive4God] 7:34 am: Oops, sorry Lois

[deanne] 7:34 am: cool as in the back of a cabinet or in the frige?

[Lois or Suzy] 7:34 am: in a tincture

[Lois or Suzy] 7:35 am: low cabinet is fine, as heat rises

[WormGuy] 7:35 am: once the vodka is used can it be stored and reused?

[Lois or Suzy] 7:35 am: the vodka mixture is your tincture

[shirley] 7:36 am: i'm reading to slow this morning:)

[deanne] 7:36 am: so if i grow my own herbs in the summer and dry them, will

those dried herbs then carry me through the winter? (as far as their potency)

[suzyQ322] 7:36 am: the vodka is the tinture, you get rid of the soaked herb , WormGuy

[jewlzm] 7:36 am: deanne typed my question faster..

[WormGuy] 7:36 am: ty

[Lois or Suzy] 7:37 am: once it is stored properly it will keep until it is used or evaporates

[HSmom] 7:37 am: And tinctures aren't drank like teas...they are used in drops.

[Lois or Suzy] 7:37 am: dried herbs properly stored will last 1 year

[Mother] 7:38 am: Herbs can be used past one hear but you'll have to remember their potency will be reduced and also their effectiveness

[Lois or Suzy] 7:38 am: some may last longer depending on how they are dried

[jewlzm] 7:38 am: **note to change where dried herbs are stored after replacing them

[jewlzm] 7:38 am: How do you dry yours?

[deanne] 7:39 am: i've heard that after a very long time (perhaps longer than a year) that dried herbs can actually change their properties and turn into something harmful. is that true?

[Lois] 7:39 am: powders and leaves, flowers 1 year

[Mother] 7:39 am: Whole Spices, on the other hand, like whole cinnamon bark, will store a lot longer

[Lois or Suzy] 7:39 am: not that I am aware of

[Lois or Suzy] 7:39 am: your cooking spices and herbs should also be stored in a dark cool place, light and heat destroys their flavor and effectiveness

[suzyQ322] 7:41 am: I"ve not had any problems with using old herbs other than they are not as effective

[Lois] 7:41 am: Just for the record, I ask SuzyQ to help, she studied right along with me

[jewlzm] 7:41 am: How do you make a salve?

[HSmom] 7:41 am: Lois & Mother...I have to interject that this is the biggest crowd I've ever seen on a Thursday morning. Thank you SO much for sharing your knowledge with us!

[Mother] 7:41 am: I like to store mine unpowdered and as close to their whole state as possible

[Deb2of9] 7:41 am: I feel like I am so lost...that is what I get for coming in late.....Okay, I have a problem with swelling and pain related to arthritis...any suggestions on herbs I can use?

[Deb2of9] 7:41 am: and how they are best used

[Mother] 7:42 am: I'd like to mention that most of you are thinking of herbs like you would medications from the doctor. Many herbs will relieve symptoms just like meds but most herbs are adaptogens, meaning that they help support your body to do the healing

[Lois] 7:43 am: one of the best remediedys I have learned about for arthritis is not a herb, it is MSM, avegtablr sulfur, it can be stored nearly forever in the capsule form

[HSmom] 7:43 am: So the herbs go beyond the symptom to the cause?

[Mother] 7:43 am: You need to treat the causes of illness as well as the symptoms

[Lois or Suzy] 7:44 am: yes

[Deb2of9] 7:45 am: I did understand that herbs help your body but that is what we want anyway isn't it...to help the body do it's own job of maintaining it self at it's best level

[Lois] 7:45 am: St John's wort can heal nerves as well as be soothing

[[Lois or Suzy]] 7:45 am: exactly

[Lois or Suzy] 7:46 am: that is why A good healthy diet is essential

[HSmom] 7:46 am: So, if the SHTF and Deb runs out of MSM, what's going to be a back-up remedy for her?

[Deb2of9] 7:46 am: I will have to look into that Lois....but I admit that I am looking at learning more about herbs for two reasons...one is to use now, but also what if I can't get the medicines/

[deanne] 7:46 am: and let's not forget echinacea

[Lois or Suzy] 7:46 am: and golden seal

[Lois or Suzy] 7:46 am: for imune suport

[Mother] 7:48 am: echinacea is one of the specifics for immune responses. But it works differentyl than say elder berries does

[Mother] 7:48 am: It does't illicit the cytokine storms that elder does and therefore might be effective for bird flu

[suzyQ322] 7:49 am: after 10 days it loses its effectiveness, you should go off it for a few days and see if you need another round

[Lois] 7:49 am: I also wanted to mention that we also have access to one of the best bacteria and viral killers available in Colodial Silver

[Mother] 7:49 am: I always suggest that too Suzy or alternate it with another immune enhancer like astragalus

[Mother] 7:50 am: tell us more about colodial silver lois, I've not dealt with it before but am thinking of it

[HSmom] 7:51 am: Does anyone have another question?

[Lois] 7:51 am: The best thin is with a generator we can make our own

[jewlzm] 7:52 am: is making a salve (sp) different than making a tincture?

[deanne] 7:52 am: are there any herbal remedies for sinus problems?

[suzyQ322] 7:53 am: Lois, isnt the salve formula in natures perscriptions?

[jewlzm] 7:53 am: sorry I dont know the difference at the moment

[deanne] 7:53 am: i believe a salve is more like a first aid cream.

[Lois] 7:53 am: Herbal Ointments: An ointment is an extraction of fresh or dried herbs in white petroleum jelly. Ointments are used externally for bruises or skin conditions. To make an ointment, slowly heat 1 cup of petroleum jelly in the top of a double boiler over simmering water. When melted, stir in 1 oz. of dried or 3 ounces of fresh herbs. Heat gently for two hours, taking care not to let the water boil dry. Working quickly, strain through a jelly bag, pressing against the bag with a wooden spoon. Pour t

[Lois] 7:54 am: BASIC CREAM

1 ½ oz. Sweet Almond Oil

½ oz. Cocoa Butter

½ oz. Vegetable Glycerin

3 Tbsp. Emulsifying Wax

8 oz. Distilled Water (room temperature)

30 - 50 drops Essential Oils

In a heat-safe measuring cup combine the sweet almond oil, cocoa butter, vegetable glycerin, and emulsifying wax. Melt everything together in the microwave (about 1 - 2 minutes) or by the "double-boiler" method (nest the measuring cup into a saucepan containing 1 to 2 inches of water. Heat over medium heat until melt

[Mother]7:56 am: a good lotion or cream can be made using any fat. Lard, oil, even tallow

[jewlzm] 7:56 am: Ok if TSHTF would there be anything in your med cabinet you wished you had more of?

[Mother] 7:56 am: spices

[Mother] 7:56 am: they would be harder to get and I'd want to have them on hand

[jewlzm] 7:56 am: Ooo thats good to know Mother

[suzyQ322] 7:56 am: in my case it would be the cinnamon

[Mother] 7:56 am: yeah me too suzy

[deanne] 7:56 am: what is cinnamon good for?

[Deb2of9] 7:57 am: What i wish is that I had someone near me I could learn this from...I can use a book and this site is a great help to learn so many things...but somehow I think I would learn this stuff so much better kind of as an apprentice or at least hands on from some who can show me instead of telling me what I need to do

[Mother] 7:57 am: and ginger though I can use wild ginger in place of it

[Mother] 7:57 am: cloves would be high on my list also

[jewlzm] 7:57 am: cloves? Ginger I understand but I didnt realize cloves had a medicinal property to them (cant stand the taste)

[Deb2of9] 7:58 am: now cloves is one I have used ...great for toothaches..but I know it has more uses

[Lois or Suzy] 7:58 am: ginger tea is great for breaking up mucus, and fever reduction

[Mother] 7:58 am: deb, you should ask at your local college or arboretum

[Mother] 7:58 am: ginger is also one of those good carriers

[Mother] 7:58 am: they help make other herbs more effective

[pauline] 7:58 am: deb i am in he same position as you on wishing i was closer to someone who could teach me but will manage from a book

[deanne] 7:58 am: what is the cinnamon good for? i've seen cinnamon caplets at the pharmacy, but didn't know what to use them for.

[Lois or Suzy] 7:58 am: I am fortunate in that St johns wort, coltsfoor, mullien, and many other herbs grow right up hear where I live

[Deb2of9] 7:58 am: i will have to look into that...hadn't thougtht of them but I will have to check

[Lois or Suzy] 7:59 am: effective use of insulin Deanne

[Mother] 7:59 am: We also have a lot of wild herbs that would substitute for most of what I couldn't buy

[deanne] 7:59 am: so it helps the insulin do it's job?

[Deb2of9] 7:59 am: Now that is the other thing I want to learn is how to recognize wild herbs that grow naturally where I live...and how not to mistake them for something that looks similar but could even be harmful

[Lois or Suzy] 7:59 am: yes

[pauline] 8:00 am: so cinnamon would be good to have for a diabetic

[Lois] 8:00 am: Cinnamon stick can be purchased online or at health food stores, vacuum pack and store

[deanne] 8:00 am: is there anything that will help with sinus issues?

[jewlzm] 8:00 am: Is there a place where I can learn what herbs grow in this area?

[Mother] 8:00 am: yarrow

[Mother] 8:00 am: for sinus but it's kind of drastic

[deanne] 8:00 am: i heard on a cooking show that 95% of the cinnamon sold in the u.s. isn't true cinnamon

[Deb2of9] 8:01 am: I will have to remember that about cinnamon...my ex-husband's family are all diabetic...so it is a potential problem for my daughter ( she is hypoglycemic now) and her children in a SHTF situation

[deanne] 8:01 am: drastic? how?

[Mother] 8:01 am: most cinnamon is cassia

[Lois or Suzy] 8:01 am: we use Colodial Silver in a nasal spray bottle

[jewlzm] 8:02 am: How does the cinnamon work in diabetics? Does it help the insulin get used better? or is this just an off the wall question?

[Mother] 8:03 am: cinnamon is not something that should be used THEN it should be used NOW

[Lois or Suzy] 8:03 am: that is just what it does

[Lois or Suzy] 8:03 am: Lilac has med qualities too, from the flowers a mild acid indigestion remidy, can be made into a tea

[HSmom] 8:03 am: I wonder if cinnamon capsules could allow my dh to get off his diabetes med...He's on a med that increases insulin production (because he has insulin resistance). Unforunately, all that insulin makes him feel hungry, so he doesn't feel like he can diet. I think he's about given up on losing weight.

[Deb2of9] 8:04 am: that is a good question jewlzm...does it matter what type of diabetes you have as to whether it is effective or not...because if it just helps the insulin work better it would not work for someone who doesn't produce any insulin

[deanne] 8:04 am: what do you do with the yarrow for sinuses? and why is it drastic?

[jewlzm] 8:04 am: does it matter if it is type 1 or type 2?

[HSmom] 8:04 am: Right, so cinnamon is gonna be for the Type 2 or adult-onset diabetics, taking pills.

[HSmom] 8:05 am: Eventually some type 2's need insulin shots, but not always.

[Lois or Suzy] 8:05 am: yes

[HSmom] 8:05 am: Type 1's always need shots...and cinnamon would not be helpful for them.

[jewlzm] 8:05 am: would it help the type 1's shots work more effectively so that they didnt have the drastic ups and downs though?

[Deb2of9] 8:05 am: That is still good to know because probably the majority diabetics are type 2...it is far more common than type 1

[HSmom] 8:06 am: The nice thing about diabetes is that you can test your sugar any time and get a sense of what is working for you. ---For me, as an RN, "messing around" with herbs is uncharted territory. Being able to SEE where we are (with a glucometer) is comforting.

[Mother] 8:07 am: Yarrow is used fresh for sinus pressure relief. A leaf inserted into the nostril is effective but it will often cause the nose to bleed, which is actually a relief for the pressure

[suzyQ322] 8:07 am: when I remember to take it, it does work well with my insulin, make sure to check sugar often. I am insulin dependant type 2

[deanne] 8:07 am: oh dear

[deanne] 8:08 am: you were right. that is a bit drastic

[Mother] 8:08 am: managing diabetis needs to be a whole concept, not just an herbal one

[pauline] 8:08 am: i want to be able to do both with mom now using the cinnamon to help her while still taking the meds and monitering her blood levels with the meter

[Necie] 8:08 am: i thought yarrow would stop a nosebleed?

[Deb2of9] 8:09 am: I agree HSmom...as a nurse i have learnt to depend on measurable results...we don't have a lot of equiptment to check things out where I work so I have learnt to rely on what I see and hear but still depend on blood pressure, temp , pulse ox and glucometer...it is almost like I am afraid to depend on my own experience that something isn't right

[jewlzm] 8:09 am: Sorry to get stuck on the diabetic topic. I was just wondering because FIL is type 1.. wondering if there was anything that could help him incase SHTF

[HSmom] 8:09 am: Certainly Mother, diet and exercise are HUGE components of diabetic management.

[Mother] 8:09 am: Yarrow WILL stop a nose bleed; it's strange that way

[Lois or Suzy] 8:09 am: paulene, you can cook with the cinnamon too, for her. I double the amt. called for

[deanne] 8:10 am: ok, now i'm confused

[deanne] 8:10 am: what do you do with it to stop a nosebleed?

[] 8:10 am: makes an excellant tea

[Mother] 8:10 am: same thing

[jewlzm] 8:10 am: it will stop a normal nose bleed. Yet if used for sinus pressure it will cause a nosebleed which releases the pressure

[Mother] 8:10 am: with the yarrow that is

[HSmom] 8:10 am: Deb, that's cuz we've been told over and over that we cannot depend upon our own judgement. We must do what the machines or the physian tell us to do.

[pauline] 8:10 am: we already are changing diet for the family so we're not cooking 2 meals

[Lois or Suzy] 8:11 am: cinnamon makes a good tea

[HSmom] 8:11 am: That's good pauline! Good for everyone.

[Mother] 8:11 am: HSMom, what will you do when there IS not monitoring devices?

[deanne] 8:11 am: how far up the nose do you put the yarrow?

[HSmom] 8:11 am: In my dh's case, he does not recognize his low blood sugar, which could be dangerous

[suzyQ322] 8:12 am: Be careful. LOL Mom forgot to add calories when Dad retired, and ended up losing weight.

[Deb2of9] 8:12 am: yes yet time after time when I get the feeling I pass it on in report and find I was right when I get back towork..I have to work on trusting my instincts more and use the equiptment to back it up

[pauline] 8:12 am: mom gets dizzy and faint feeling when low headachey and crabby when high

[Mother] 8:12 am: just in the lower cavity, touching the back upper portion if posible but not far enough to lose any piece of it into the cavity

[HSmom] 8:12 am: Mother, for general monitoring of a patient: pulse, respirations, skin color, skin temp, skin dry vs clammy, level of consiousness.

[Lois] 8:12 am: that is where it is helpful to eat only heathly food and not have the junk available

[HSmom] 8:13 am: For my dh's blood sugar...well, I don't know.

[HSmom] 8:13 am: I think in a SHTF/TEOTWAWKI, my dh is probably already dead. frown

[Deb2of9] 8:13 am: low blood sugar is a problem...I have noticed my daughter's behavior change before she has known she was low...yet it is so obvious to those around her

[HSmom] 8:14 am: My dh gets bear-ish when he's low, but he denies that he's being crabby.

[Mother] 8:14 am: That's what I find deb, I have low blood sugar but when it gets low my mind doesn't function enough to be aware of it but I've learned to note the symptoms like a bit of tremor

[HSmom] 8:15 am: I haven't noticed anything when he's high.

[Lois] 8:15 am: it is unfortunate that many who are dependant upon replace therapies will not live long

[HSmom] 8:15 am: He has the whole "metabolic syndrome:" Insulin resistance, high blood pressure and high cholesterol ... in his mid-40's...and not making any lifestyle changes. frown

[Deb2of9] 8:16 am: yes when she gets irritable I ask when did you eat last....she looks at me and grabs something to eat...because she knows I busted her...she is hypoglycemic yet won't eat regular meals...had a problem with anorexia when she was younger and it still comes back at her from time to time..she just doesn't get hungry and forgets to eat

[pauline] 8:16 am: i so understand that hsmom my mom didn't pick up on any of it at first but is slowly seeing some of it now

[Mother] 8:16 am: I wonder if that's true Lois. There are some of course,, especially thyroid depents and ther might be some real repurcussions before things level out but sometimes we take more meds than we really need to

[suzyQ322] 8:16 am: I get the shakes and light headed at about 60dmg

[jewlzm] 8:16 am: Dh gets the shakes..I wonder if lacing his food with cinnamon might help

[Lois or Suzy] 8:17 am: yes in about 5 my friend uses thiroid replacement therapy

[Deb2of9] 8:17 am: HSMom...the insulin resistance is the biggest problem I see...the others may depend on how high they are

[Mother] 8:17 am: that will be a real issue along with the insulin dependant and those dependent on heart meds

[Mother] 8:18 am: though the heart med thing could be reduced if they wanted to change their lifestyle and such maybe

[Lois or Suzy] 8:18 am: it will bring sugar levels down too, it helps to regulate it

[Deb2of9] 8:18 am: My daughter is a concern because she has a big problem with clots all over her body

[Lois or Suzy] 8:18 am: yep

[Deb2of9] 8:18 am: that is a symptom of the AntiPhospholipid Syndrome she has

[jewlzm] 8:18 am: is there an herbal that can be used for Edema?

[Deb2of9] 8:19 am: with out blood thinniers one of the clots will end up killing her

[Mother] 8:19 am: there's still some disagreement with willow replacing aspirin in blood thinning but it seems to have some of the same attributes, just works in a different way

[Mother] 8:19 am: hmmm does she have lupus

[Lois or Suzy] 8:19 am: aspirinis a blood thinner

[Deb2of9] 8:19 am: problem is she is allergic to aspirnin...would willow be safe with an aspirin allergy?

[suayQ322] 8:19 am: how about St Johns wort as a blood thinner?

[Lois] 8:19 am: also: pau d arco is a blood thinner

[Mother] 8:19 am: sometimes but not always. she should try it cautiously

[Deb2of9] 8:20 am: it is related to lupus...it has all of the factors that lupus has but several other factors added to it

[Deb2of9] 8:21 am: I have never even heard of that one Lois....but then I don't claim to know much about herbs

[Mother] 8:21 am: I have a cousin that has that, deb , they told him that it was usually a marker for lupus

[suzyQ322] 8:21 am: I remember that when I had my last surgery, that was one of the questions they asked. Before I even knew what st johns wort was.. lol

[Lois] 8:22 am: it is imported

[Deb2of9] 8:22 am: see they told her it was connected....it is why she has had 9 miscarriages before being diagnosed...of course she has managed to give me 7 beautiful grandchildren despite it once they put her on blood thinners

[Lois] 8:22 am: need to go now, bye everyone

[jewlzm] 8:22 am: bye Lois Thank you

[Deb2of9] 8:22 am: by lois

[WormGuy] 8:22 am: ty Lois

[suzyQ322] 8:22 am: later Mom. have a good day

[deanne] 8:22 am: by lois

[pauline] 8:22 am: thanks lois have a good day

[HSmom] 8:23 am: Bye Lois...thank you SOOOOO much!

[ArmyOfFive4God] 8:23 am: By e lois

[ArmyOfFive4God] 8:23 am: THNX!

[Mother] 8:23 am: nice to have you here Lois, have a great day

[Lois] 8:23 am: welcome

[Mother] 8:24 am: do we have time to talk about wild herbs?

[HSmom] 8:24 am: Certainly, Mother! I think everyone would love that!

[Mother] 8:24 am: I would suggest that everyone know how to identify a few jus tin case. Dandelion for one

[jewlzm] 8:25 am: I asked if there was a place to learn about which wild herbs grow in this are.. but I may have missed if someone answered

[Mother] 8:25 am: it can be eaten as a salad or cooked herb , it is a diuretic, it restores potassium

[Mother] 8:25 am: The root can be a coffee substitute roaste

[HSmom] 8:25 am: That would help with the edema you asked about Jewlz.

[Mother] 8:25 am: It's one of the bitter herbs that is an adaptogen

[Deb2of9] 8:26 am: I can recognize dandelion but I know I heard it depends what you want it for as to what part of the dandelion you use...I take it that it is the leaves for a salads

[jewlzm] 8:26 am: Thanks HSmom that is one remedy I hadnt heard

[Mother] 8:26 am: Plantain is another one. IT grows where it's sort of wet. It's wonderfully healing for skin and etc. It's drawing for abcesses

[suzyQ322] 8:26 am: burdock root helps to clense the blood.

[Mother] 8:27 am: yes it does suzy but it can abe hard for some people to recognize

[suzyQ322] 8:27 am: Plantain seeds made into a tea for UTI

[Mother] 8:27 am: the first year root is best and thats the hardest time to recognize it

[HSmom] 8:28 am: What does it mean to "cleanse the blood" - that's another term that never came up in nursing school.

[Mother] 8:28 am: plantain seed is also eaten for constipation

[suzyQ322] 8:28 am: Great big soft leaves!! lol no stickers

[dogmom4] 8:28 am: I want to grow coltsfoot and mullein. Do you plant it from seed?

[pauline] 8:28 am: would it be hard to grow your own burdock in a planter ?

[Mother] 8:28 am: mullein grows wild here and IT has great big fuzzy leaves too

[suzyQ322] 8:29 am: also known as Jacob's staff

[dogmom4] 8:29 am: How do you start it if it doesn't grow wild?

[Mother] 8:30 am: you can actually buy seeds and plants different places and grow it but as with echinacea, the root is what is most used and it takes some growing for that. Nichols Nursery garden in oregon has a lot of unusual plants

[Mother] 8:31 am: another herb you want to learn is stinging nettle; it grows on most waste lands

[suzyQ322] 8:32 am: you can eat most of the plant and wet leaves work well for relieving burns

[Mother] 8:32 am: it's great as a cooked herb,

[Mother] 8:32 am: are we still talkikng burdock Suzy?

[suzyq322] 8:32 am: Bordock leaves for burns

[Mother] 8:32 am: or mullein

[Mother] 8:32 am: okay

[Mother] 8:33 am: burdock leaves make great shoe liners and were used as diaper liners by the natives

[suzyq322] 8:34 am: that is new for me, didnt know that

[Mother] 8:34 am: I've also used burdock for drawing infection. Just dip them in hot water to soften and lay across the area and keep warm

[suzyq322] 8:34 am: stinging nettle has a slaty flavor when cooked

[Mother] 8:34 am: lets see, stinging nettles

[Deb2of9] 8:34 am: if it works for burns and is used for diaper linners would that cut down on things like diaper rash.

[suzyq322] 8:34 am: so does coltsfoot

[HSmom] 8:35 am: Shoe & diaper liners.... for what purpose?

[Deb2of9] 8:35 am: why is it used for shoe and diaper linners

[Mother] 8:35 am: if you use the ashes from burnt nettle it substitutes for salt fairly well

[dogmom4] 8:35 am: Do mulein or coltsfoot go by any other names? Can't find them in the nichols catalog

[suzyq322] 8:36 am: some wood ashes too, Mother

[Mother] 8:36 am: shoe liners for cushion, for diapers the native americans used them with rotten bark in leather 'pants'

[Deb2of9] 8:36 am: is burnt nettle ashes better for someone who has to limit sodium? that would be good to know

[Mother] 8:37 am: if you use wood ashes for salt substitute use only the white ash

[Mother] 8:37 am: nettles is a diuretic by itself but I'm not sure about the sodium content of the ashes

[Mother] 8:38 am: nettle tea is also good for anemia and for prostate enlargement

[suzyq322] 8:39 am: you are welcome. watch the kitchen forum for more wild food recipes. could use some additions there too

[Mother] 8:39 am: I like the thread there suzy

[Deb2of9] 8:39 am: that is good to know mother..I tend to run a little anemic at times

[Deb2of9] 8:39 am: i have trouble absorbing iron

[Moher] 8:40 am: have you tried cooking in a cast iron pan deb

[The Lounge]: WormGuy has left at 8:40 am

[Deb2of9] 8:40 am: yes...I do try to do that...but only have two cast iron pans...I need to get more

[Mother] 8:40 am: if you cook acidic foods like tomatoes they pick up a natural form of iron that is sometimes easier to assimulate

[Deb2of9] 8:40 am: I can absorb it in food but never in pill form...so it is probably also that I need to improve my diet

[deanne] 8:41 am: making a hot tea out of molasses is supposed to build the blood as well

[ArmyOfFive4God] 8:41 am: Molasses has iron, but you need to be sure it's blackstrap

[Mother] 8:41 am: someone asked earlier about blood cleansers

[deanne] 8:41 am: right

[ArmyOfFive4God] 8:41 am: It's great for anemia & an energy booster

[ArmyOfFive4God] 8:41 am: You're dead on on that!

[Mother] 8:42 am: it's really just a term that means the product will help support the systems that cleanse the blood like the liver

[HSmom] 8:42 am: Ah thank you Mother!

[HSmom] 8:44 am: And jewlz asked about edema...you mentioned dandilion as a diuretic...and nettles too, but I'd want to know the cause of the edema.

[Mother] 8:44 am: as for an inability to absorb iron, be sure your vitamin C levels are adequate. It helps the body absorb iron.

[HSmom] 8:45 am: Dependent edema and headache in a pregnant woman (pre-eclampsia) is quite a different thing than edema & shortness of breath in an older adult (congestive heart failure).

[Mother] 8:45 am: there are several causes for edema.

[Deb2of9] 8:45 am: now i didn't know that...with all of the vitamins we use at work, I should have know that because if so we should give Vit c at the same time as the patients get iron...we don't always do that

[HSmom] 8:46 am: Of course you don't Deb...cuz their diets are deemed "nutritionally complete." wink

[Mother] 8:46 am: You really need to know the cause of the edema before you can decide what to take for it.

[Deb2of9] 8:47 am: That is true HSmom...we may treat most of them with lasix at work no matter the cause of the edema...but it would be better to treat the cause of the edema than just the edema that results from the problem

[Mother] 8:47 am: a diuretic is one thing but that only encourages the kidneys to excrete more urine and that might not be the thing to do

[Deb2of9] 8:48 am: actually HSMom where I work suddenly has been using a lot of vitamins...mostly ordered by our dietician

[shirley] 8:48 am: this is a lot of good information thanks ladies

[Mother] 8:48 am: you are welcome

[jewlzm] 8:48 am: Grandma says that the doctors dont know what the cause is.. so its kinda hard to say

[HSmom] 8:48 am: That's good Deb. Do you work in a nursing home?

[Deb2of9] 8:49 am: yes

[Mother] 8:49 am: well if it's because the heart is not functioning well and the circulation is sluggish then you'd want to use an approach that works on that system of the body

[Deb2of9] 8:49 am: Jewlzm I would look into what other medical conditions that she has to try to narrow the cause of the edema..you may not know exactly then but would have an idea

[Mother] 8:49 am: if the kidneys are not working you might want to support the kidneys instead of making them work harder

[jewlzm] 8:50 am: She has a whole list of issues. Gout, diabetes, weight, blood pressure.on and on and on. But I think the doctors have her on to much medications and its causing her kidneys to work harder.

[jewlzm] 8:50 am: they have her on 3 different kinds of blood pressure medication

[Mother] 8:51 am: sometimes edema is a symptom of of a complete breakdown in the body and its necessary to adjust the lifestyle

[HSmom] 8:51 am: You make a good point Jewlz...I know one of the BP meds my dh was on was simply a diuretic.

[HSmom] 8:52 am: The idea was that by peeing out the extra fluid, the pressure in the system will be reduced. But that does NOTHING to address the cause of the increased pressure.

[Mother] 8:52 am: as a rule they give one to cover one type of BP and another for another type so that they can cover all bases

[Mother] 8:52 am: some are potassium saving and some potassium depleting

[Deb2of9] 8:52 am: yes i have seen patients on as many as four or five BP meds

[HSmom] 8:52 am: The other type of med typically given helps to relax the little muscles around the blood vessels, so that the 'pipes' are a little larger and the system has less pressure.

[jewlzm] 8:53 am: Her legs and feet are swollen so badly now that the skin hurts .. she cant wear shoes or socks ...

[HSmom] 8:53 am: How old is she?

[jewlzm] 8:54 am: uhmm Im thinking around 80 (she never tells her age)

[Deb2of9] 8:54 am: I would say that might be a combination of cirulatory and the gout..both would cause that

[Deb2of9] 8:54 am: lol around 80 and still hides her age

[jewlzm] 8:54 am: lol yeah.. well she thinks all things are private matters.

[shirley] 8:55 am: i take synthroid for my thyroid and was told i need to stay away from herbs is this true?

[Deb2of9] 8:56 am: I know that i am heading that way with my one leg..I brought the edema to the attention of my doctor and her only reply is cut my sodium...can't cut it much more...the edema in my case is either my athritis (it is worse in that leg) or related to my high BP

[Mother] 8:56 am: it depend on the herbs. not all herbs are a problem just as not all meds are a problem

[jewlzm] 8:57 am: she has cut all sodium.. and cutting back on her dairy (for another reason) and trying to stay away from red meats.. but if she keeps cutting her diet I think its going to be a big problem

[Deb2of9] 8:57 am: it is important for your doctor to know everything you take including herbal remedies so you don't have a clash in medications

[Mother] 8:58 am: actually cutting her diet might just be the real problem

[Deb2of9] 8:59 am: it does seem that for some health issues you won't have anything left to eat by the time you cut everything you are suppose to..our patients that have renal disease, cardiac problems and are diabetic have almost everything restricted from their diets and then the doctor wonders why they don't follow their diets

[Mother] 8:59 am: it IS important to tell the doctor what all you take but don't expect them to KNOW if they are safe or not within the thread, but couldn't get it to 'stick'

[Deb2of9] 9:00 am: my daughter ran into that with this last pregnancy... I forget what she was taking for controling moods/anxiety but it was some herbal medicine the doctor wouldn't even look at the information she brought into him on the medication he just said don't take it because it is herbal and therefore untested

[HSmom] 9:00 am: No kidding...my dh's doc poo-poo'd him taking one of the B vits to help with ... BP, I think it was.

[HSmom] 9:01 am: Or maybe cholesterol. *shrug*

[Deb2of9] 9:01 am: the doctor told her because there had not been controled tests as they do with regular medications, there was no proof it worked..acedotal (sp?) evidence wasn't enough

[deanne] 9:02 am: i'm going to interject here real quick to say goodbye. This has been a wonderful chat, i've learned alot and can't wait to be able to print it off. thank you ladies so much.

[Mother] 9:05 am: I have to take off too. It's been a really interesting chat for sure, even I learned something

[jewlzm] 9:05 am: bye Mother Thank you very much! You have given me a lot to study on

[HSmom] 9:05 am: Thank you SOOOO much Mother! :kiss:

[Mother] 9:06 am: you are welcome

[Mother] 9:06 am: bye

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