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Ephesians 3:10


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I sit here in my home, feeling the power of His Spirit...listening to the chimes out on my front porch ringing at full tilt, while the storm with high winds and stormy rains, rages outside.


The ravages of this storm have been felt exceedingly great up in TN, where tornados devestated that town.


These winds right here, are 'nothing' to me...I've been in far higher winds (200mph+) and I know the terror that accompanies it.


It reminds me of the winds in my life, and how numb I can get to the 70-100mph winds. I've been through worse, right? 100mph is a calcuable experience and a risk that is low by my personal standards.


If I take that analogy and apply it to the sin in my life, and the numbness I can get with it over time, I realize that I need to remain vigilant. That I cannot get comfortable in the 'mid range' higher winds. That I always need to be watchful, because just like that town in TN, when they least expected it, and were caught unawares, that tornado blazed through and left tattered remains.


Forgive me my sins, Lord, for they are many. Hold me close, that I may not stray. Remove any complacency or comfortableness in my heart regarding that sin and plant the desire for Your purity to reign in there.


Teach me, and us, as we look to Your Word. 20 minutes ago, I was just doing my thang and from the moment I started to look at Your scriptures, I began to feel Your power, Your Spirit flood my soul. There is something critical here...I guess I'm just still surprised that just looking at Your Word would release such a flood of power that belongs to You.


Lord, I'm feeling very inadequate this morning with putting my thoughts and feelings into words, so I just ask for Your help.


10. To the intent that now, unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places, might be known by the church the manifold wisdom of God,


Matthew Henry writes, "The apostle adds, To the intent that now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places might be known, by the church, the manifold wisdom of God, v. 10. This was one things, among others, which God had in his eye in revealing this mystery, that the good angels, who have a pre-eminence in governing the kingdoms and principalities of the world, and who are endued with great power to execute the will of God on this earth (though their ordinary residence is in heaven) may be informed, from what passes in the church and is done in and by it, of the manifold wisdom of God; that is, of the great variety with which God wisely dispenses things, or of his wisdom manifested in the many ways and methods he takes in ordering his church in the several ages of it, and especially in receiving the Gentiles into it. The holy angels, who look into the mystery of our redemption by Christ, could not but take notice of this branch of that mystery, that among the Gentiles is preached the unsearchable riches of Christ."



Calvin states, "That now to the principalities and powers. Some are of opinion that these words cannot apply to angels, because such ignorance, as is here supposed, could not be found in those who are permitted to behold the brightness of God’s countenance. They choose rather to refer them to devils, but without due reflection; for what could have been regarded as extraordinary in the assertion, that, by the preaching of the gospel and the calling of the Gentiles, information was, for the first time, conveyed to devils? There can be no doubt that the apostle labors to place in the strongest light the mercy of God toward the Gentiles, and the high value of the gospel. For this purpose he declares, that the preaching of the gospel exhibits the manifold grace of God, with which, till now, the heavenly angels themselves were unacquainted. The wisdom of God, therefore, which was manifested by uniting Jews and Gentiles in the fellowship of the gospel, ought to be regarded by men with the highest admiration.


He calls it πολυποίκιλον σοφίαν, manifold wisdom, because men are accustomed to try it by a false standard, confining their view to a particular department, and thus forming a most inadequate conception of the whole. The Jews thought, for example, that the dispensation under the law, with which they were acquainted and familiar, was the only form in which the wisdom of God could be seen. But, by making the gospel to be proclaimed to all men without exception, God has brought forth to view another instance and proof of his wisdom. Not that it was new wisdom, but that it was so large and manifold, as to transcend our limited capacity. Let us rest assured that the knowledge, whatever it may be, which we have acquired, is, after all, but a slender proportion. And if the calling of the Gentiles draws the attention, and excites the reverence, of angels in heaven, how shameful that it should be slighted or disdained by men upon earth!


The inference which some draw from this passage, that angels are present in our assemblies, and make progress along with ourselves in knowledge, is a groundless speculation. We must always keep in view the purposes for which God appointed the ministry of his word. If angels, who are permitted to see the face of God, do not walk in faith, neither do they need the outward administration of the word. The preaching of the gospel, therefore, is of no service but to human beings, among whom alone the practice exists. Paul’s meaning is this: “The church, composed both of Jews and Gentiles, is a mirror, in which angels behold the astonishing wisdom of God displayed in a manner unknown to them before. They see a work which is new to them, and the reason of which was hid in God. In this manner, and not by learning anything from the lips of men, do they make progress.”


I really liked this sentence, "if the calling of the Gentiles draws the attention, and excites the reverence, of angels in heaven, how shameful that it should be slighted or disdained by men upon earth!" If it excited the angels, how shameful should we be if we don't view it with awe and humilty and gratitude.


Clarke comments, That now unto the principalities and powers in heavenly places] Who are these principalities and powers? Some think evil angels are intended, because they are thus denominated, chap. vi. 12. Others think good angels are meant; for as these heavenly beings are curious to investigate the wondrous economy of the Gospel, though they are not its immediate objects, see 1 Pet. i. 12, it is quite consistent with the goodness of God to give them that satisfaction which they require. And in this discovery of the Gospel plan of salvation, which reconciles things in heaven and things on earth - both men and angels, these pure spirits are greatly interested, and their praises to the Divine Being rendered much more abundant. Others imagine the Jewish rulers and rabbins are intended, particularly those of them who were converted to Christianity, and who had now learned from the preaching of the Gospel what, as Jews, they could never have known. I have had several opportunities of showing that this sort of phraseology is frequent among the Jews, and indeed not seldom used in the New Testament. Dr. Macknight, whose mode of arguing against this opinion is not well chosen, supposes that "the different orders of angels in heaven are intended, whose knowledge of God's dispensations must be as gradual as the dispensations themselves; consequently their knowledge of the manifold wisdom of God must have been greatly increased by the constitution of the Christian Church." Of this there can be no doubt, whether the terms in the text refer to them or not.


By the Church] That is, by the Christians and by the wonderful things done in the Church; and by the apostles, who were its pastors.


The manifold wisdom of God] h polupoikilov sofia? That multifarious and greatly diversified wisdom of God; laying great and infinite plans, and accomplishing them by endless means, through the whole lapse of ages; making every occurrence subservient to the purposes of his infinite mercy and goodness. God's gracious design to save a lost world by Jesus Christ, could not be defeated by any cunning skill or malice of man or devils: whatever hinderances are thrown in the way, his wisdom and power can remove; and his infinite wisdom can never want ways or means to effect its gracious designs."


I like, "God's gracious design to save a lost world by Jesus Christ, could not be defeated by any cunning skill or malice of man or devils"...that makes me wanna say, "Yea God!!!"


Well, that's all I'm going to do today...nothing has gone like I planned. Usually, when I sit down to do this, I have the peace and quiet that I need to focus on it for a few hours. There has been alot going on this morning, between the storm and extraneous needs of various things. Not only that, but I about finished the first verse for today when I realized I had re-done verse 9, so I had to erase it and start over again with verse 10 lol...


It appears that the enemy just keeps wanting to throw me off with this whole thing and sometimes, like now, it just makes me laugh and turn my eyes upward and say, "Thank You, Lord"...




I love you. My heart feels that very deeply.


I thank You for today, I thank You for where I'm at, and I thank You for Your tender blessings and protection.


Make me, and us, into who You created us to be. Give us Your courage to be willing to do that, and give us Your peace to make it through.


I feel balanced now Lord, with just this little work in Your word. You are so precious and I love You so much.


In Jesus Name,

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Thanks so much for your dedication to this. This is one of my favorite chapters in the Bible because it's part of a revealing of things that people had never known before. When read as part of a letter proclaiming the 'unfathomable riches of Christ' (v 8) and describing the 'mystery which for ages has been hidden in God' (v 9) this passage in particular begins opening the reason for that 'mystery' with 'so that the manifold wisdom of God' might be made known through all Creation (spiritual as well as material). And he goes on to open that up even more in the verses that follow. Just makes me want to SHOUT with you and say 'Yay God'. The wisdom of God is also referred to in 1 Cor 1:18ff in great detail that sorta adds to this passage.

Thanks again for continuing this study.

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"...making every occurrence subservient to the purposes of his infinite mercy and goodness. "




I like that. In these days when I have at LEAST two major energy-wasting challenges each day.......I need to hear over and over and over and over that Our God is IN CONTROL. Even acts of malice will be transformed by HIM. Nobody's gonna mess up HIS Plan!!!! amen




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