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I found some inexpensive mounted grow lights at wallyworld. I hope to pick some up early in August.

They were about 3 ft. long I think, for only 8 bucks apiece. And if they were not bright enough, I can use them as spare lighting in the kitchen since those ceiling lights ( flourescents) are getting pretty worn out in these old apartments.

Well, I learned a few things about grow light systems. You want to have them quite close to the leaves of the plants,and I want to rig a frame I can adjust the height of the lights and basic positions I figure I would need.

It would be better than nothing!

The other thing I need to do is outwit my cat when it comes to potting soil! . I think clear plastic on top of the soil with a spot for the plant to grow out of will work if I pin it all down.


and...... I just brought home two spider plant babies and this can help clean the air inside my place.

I think the grow lights have a broader UV spectrum than regular flourescent lights.

One reason I liked these lights I saw was that the mounts were pretty solid looking and thats important when I am jockeying around a crowded, small apartment space.

Also I may be able to cut down on the total wattage used.

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Our cats didn't ever "go" in our potted living room tree, but they did just want to pull the dirt out and play with it. So we just stuck bamboo skewers in the pot, sticking up out of the soil. They never go near it now. Of course, when we have company,they think we're kind of weird. Katmom

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Bumping this thread up because I am doing only container gardening this year. If you haven’t ever done it before there is a bit of a learning curve. I’m using mostly growbags but have some black pots. So far what I’ve learned....

1. You need to get a good potting soil and add compost (not necessarily cheap the first year you start up)

2.  You also need to fertilize regularly because the root systems are limited to the grow bags. I use a liquid fertilizer and also add crushed eggshells, banana peels, etc to the bags.

3.  If you get hot summers you need to water often...sometimes daily for me.

4.  The plants I’ve put in the bags don’t look as ‘full’ to me as ones I’ve grown in the ground. 


Here are are some new links...but also check out the information in the thread from years ago. It has some good ideas.



www.youtube.com/watch?v=ET4wee-jvQ8  (look up Larry Hall on YouTube....he has a lot of good gardening videos)




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Here is my garden so far. I’m moving plants out of black plastic pots and into grow bags because the roots are just getting baked by the heat. I do have one small raised bed and because of it I’m overflowing with zucchini. I’m working on soil amendments because plants in pots are definitely not as ‘full’ as ones that are planted in the ground....and the harvests are not as great either. 









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Yes it can be done. Nice picture!  When I went to look at the house in Indy last week, the garden area was full of cherry tomatoes that were all volunteers. It was kind of amazing since no one was weeding or watering them. And they've had quite a lot of 90 degree days this summer. 

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  • 4 months later...

This spring I went down to the dollar store and bought bins.  Mary & I drilled drainage holes in them and had a pretty row of planters in front of the house for herbs & such.  My favorite plant was the purslane...pretty, prolific, delicious, and a good source of omega-3 fatty acids.  

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18 hours ago, kappydell said:

drilled drainage holes


We learned the hard way to drill the holes in the sides, about 2 inches above the bottom of the pots.  Keeps the roots in wet soil and keeps the weeds etc., from growing up through the bottoms. I'm bettin' you already knew this!

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On 12/21/2018 at 7:18 PM, The WE2's said:


We learned the hard way to drill the holes in the sides, about 2 inches above the bottom of the pots.  Keeps the roots in wet soil and keeps the weeds etc., from growing up through the bottoms. I'm bettin' you already knew this!

Actually, I never thought of that!  Wow, what a great idea!  you can bet my new $1 pots will have their holes in the sides.    



Note to self....get more rosemary plants in the spring.  They are a good flea wash for the cats & soothing to their irritated skin (allergies to flea bites).  Unfortunately those deer that we like to watch carry fleas & ticks big time!

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I took a look at the "gardening with leon" videos on you tube.  He has devised ways to make wicking pots in 5 gal pails using plastic water bottles, milk bottles, tide gallon size containers, soda cans, and such.  One could conceivably make wicking pots totally out of recycled materials.  I hope he gets this info out at his sustainable ag workshops to as many as possible.  The pots work extremely well, and you cant beat a price tag of ZERO !  The pots we made from his original directions work wonderfully, and the plants inside are loving what we are serving!

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5 minutes ago, kappydell said:

gardening with leon


We have come to the conclusion that this will definitely be our method of operation!  We may have a couple of raised beds and of course, our berry bushes, but everything else will be "Leon Style"! :cele:

PS...when we get Miss B out of the garage we want to take a weekender to his place and sit in on one of his seminars.

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That would be cool, to sit and talk with Leon.  Meantime, our wick pots have converted Mary to their usefulness and she enthusiastically endorses them now to our friends, even offering to give them some of the 6-inch perforated drain pipe we had to buy 100 feet of because that was the smallest amount they had.  I have since spotted 6-inch perf drain pipe, for smaller pots, but why bother when I can just use plastic pepsi bottles (m likes bottles over cans).  She thought I was crazy when we made the first ones....she never heard of such a thing.   Bus she LOVES not having to water those pots daily.  And people driving past stop and admire our flowers exuberant blossoms and they are all in wick pots, too.  

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