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Saving siggies, disappearing siggies

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When images are posted for you, be sure to save them to your computer. To do this, simply right click the image & select save image or save as. You need to save the images to your computer & upload them to a free online photo hosting account. Photobucket is a good one! This goes for avatars, siggies, etc. If yours is missing & you need them back, LMK & I will host them temporarily for you to save them!!! If it is linked from my account or Pixie's account, it uses our bandwidth & personally, when my account starts running slow, I need to clean them out. In order to get larger bandwidth, I would have to pay for the service (and I'm too cheap, LOL).


I will get a step by step post up on how to add a siggy from the point of saving the image, uploading & right down to getting it in your siggy. Pixie posted a pictorial, but it seems the before part gets a bit confusing. I probably won't be doing it today, with the weather we've been having, but I WILL get it posted!

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To add a siggy to your profile:


Go to photobucket, log in, go to "My Album" (this is a tab across the top center). You'll click Browse, find the image on your computer in the pop up window, double click that image. The pop up window will close, then you'll select Upload on your photobucket page.


Once that's done, you need to click in the text box on the series of letters, symbols &/or numbers. Photobucket automatically copies the link. Go to your text box where you'd like to post your image & right click & choose paste. For posting an image on a message board, you will choose the IMG code which begins with .


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