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How Clean Is Your House?


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Need a nudge getting started on spring cleaning? Have I got the answer for you! I can't believe I spent a whole week watching all of these videos on Youtube but I did. The shows have 3 segments each and do NOT watch while you are eating. They show some of the most filthy homes you could ever imagine. But they did inspire me to get started on my spring cleaning.



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That's awfull!!!!

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omg and I stress over my cluttered apartment. At least the garbage is emptied daily the bathroom is bleached once a week and the dishes are done daily. eek I can't believe people live like that that is just .... well that is just...words fail me right ewww
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ewww is RIGHT!! DarleneSwoon When I saw that first video, I thought a MATCH would take care of the situation nicely!! Never would have dreamed they could transform it like they did.


Think they'll keep it up???

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I wonder if they do a followup show? Just to see if all that hard gross disgusting work was for nothing?

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LOL Pixie, I was thinking the same thing. I have to say that my "clutter" never looked like this!!! (but I cleaned my desk off anyway, haha)

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we went up to visit our youngest son last week, he's in his last yr of college and plays baseball for them(hopefully he'll get signed this yr) anyway as i was walking to his house where he lives with four other guys, he was walking out slamming the door, I said hey, are you trying to break the door to lose the deposit.. he said come on in and see this place, he had been on the road with the team and just got there before we did.

there was wall to wall beer cans, wine and whiskey bottles, burnt food on the stove and tables, 2 guys sleeping on the floor and one on the couch, (He locks his rm when gone, which is everyweekend during BB season)

He had just told the rm mate that had the party to get a crew and clean it up.. We went to breakfast and came back to the house in about an hour and the place was spotless, just 3 bags of beer cans and 4 empty kegs on the porch. i didn't think they would ever get the stove and furniture clean without a pressure washer but they did.

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Usually in the third episode they go back after 2 weeks. Two weeks isn't much time though. Some keep it up but most don't. If someone did that for me, I'd sure keep it up.


All of the germs growing in those petre dishes was eye opening. In a few episodes they recommended a few drops of Tea Tree Oil in the cleaning solution to kill bacteria.

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Originally Posted By: JCK88
LOL Pixie, I was thinking the same thing. I have to say that my "clutter" never looked like this!!! (but I cleaned my desk off anyway, haha)

Hee-hee. After I watched a few of them I went and cleaned scrubbed my bathroom.
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Oh man, that is just nasty. I only had the stomach to watch until she pulled the gack from the tub...touching it with her bare hands! OMG Yuck!


My house has never looked anywhere near this bad. Clutter? That was just nastiness, not clutter.


There is no way that lazy women is going to keep that house clean and orderly!

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I went and cleaned my house after I looked at these too. Particularly by the dog's cage where he sheds... blush At least it motivated this "dirty beggar" to do a pretty good cleaning today...


Scroll down; there's quite a number of episodes there...seems like there's a common theme of the clutter just getting to the point of being overwhelming and hopeless.


Don't know what possessed me to watch one after another of these...kind of morbid fascination, like "rubberneckers" who all slow down and stare at a bad wreck...

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There are over 50 different houses with 3 episodes each. I couldn't stop watching them either. One thing that kept me going back, other than the morbid fascination (which I have) is I love the accents and seeing houses in another country.


And yeah, this 'Dirty Begger' went out and bought some more cleaning supplies today. My stove, refrigerator and cabinets get it tomorrow.


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SOS pads were onsale the other day a dollar a box. I have been putting them to good use!



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The "How clean is your house" series inspired me to look at my pleated fabric shades that have been up there for 13 years and looking a little peaked. I have always vacuumed them, etc, but they really took a beating when condensation wet them at the top and caused a stain that darkened. These are not washable shades but I got this brilliant idea!


I spray painted them! On each side! They look wonderful. It took some doing to re-string them. (one of the strings broke) but I did it. And the shades look like new. I saved a lot of money as these were custom made. It was a little difficult re-pleating them, but I kept them open for a couple days, all pleated up to the top to reinforce the folds-and they look like new fabric. I am amazed.


Thanks for posting that horrifyingly inspirational series!!



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I've been hooked on this series on BBC for several months, now.


I have to say that besides the eye-openers it's given me in regards to my own hidden (forgotten) filth (think under the stove or when was the last time you pulled your washer or dryer away from the wall besides when you moved?), besides all that - I've been jotting down cleaning recipes from the show.


Most of the cleaning Kim and Aggie promote is with natural products - vinegar, lemons, etc. I figure if those items can clean THAT filth, I'm feeling pretty confident it can tackle my everyday bits around the house! laugh


Also - I've saved episodes that I find particularly horrifying - I use them as my kickstart cleaning. I can't fight the overwhelming urge to scrub everything down to the cat's whiskers after watching one of those episodes!

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It's so funny to read about everyone cleaning after watching the show because I do the same thing! I always find myself walking around tidying the bedroom while I'm watching.

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dirt in the desert... yes, finish dusting in one room, go to the next and the next, walk back into the first.. dust!


ya do the best you can.

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OH MY STARS!!!!! DarleneSwoonDarleneSwoonDarleneSwoon Never saw that show until now...and dh thinks I am a messy housekeeper...geeze my house sparkles compaired to those places! I am one of those that even pull out the fridge lol. I wanted to puke when they opened that guys fridge in "dirt in the desert"! I feel the need to go scrub something...



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NOT looking, I'm NOT looking..... neener

I KNOW my house is a mess- we're all three of us packrats


every day the beds are made in the morning, the trash taken out and the dishes done every night

once a week we do a general 'pushing the messy piles into tidy piles', dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, mopping and bathroom/kitchen scrubbing

we do have 8' windows and 12' ceilings all around, so we get some fantabulous cobweb action goin' on :spider:

twice a year I'll attack those and take down all the curtains for washing.

but it's a 100+ year old house with no central a/c so dust, dog and cat hair, straggler hay, feathers, whatever ALL come in on a daily basis.

and we homeschool so there's always 'projects' strewn around and pinned up

I've always figured if someone visits us and is freaked by the mess they have three options-

a) leave

B) ignore it

c) I'll be happy to show them where the cleaning supplies are and they are welcome to knock themselves out happy02

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Luna Mother, ya gotta watch! These houses aren't about clutter. They are years of filth that people live in. Years! Filth! You make the bed every day? These people can't even find their bed. If they could, I'm sure they would have changed the sheets in the past year. I think I'm going to figure out a way to tape these shows to give myself occassional kick starts. I need them sometimes.


Go on and look. You will feel so much better about your 'lived in' house.


By the way, I'm not making fun of handicapped people or people who can't manage. Most of these people are healthy, young to middle aged with families living at home who can easily manage.

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