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May I have a Siggy Please...


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I use to have a sig, when I went under wvangel somehow that got misplaced or whatever. I came back in as wvangel46 I would like one like the old one but any is ok, i think grubby or someone done the old one, It was a little girl angel and a mountain scene in back representing the wv hills, it was beautiful. I love angels and nature, very easy to please, I would be grateful in any case, Is there a way to go thru and find my old siggy?, I am sorry I don't know how to do that or I would do it myself. Anyway thanks in advance you guys are great...

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OK, I'm having a hard time finding an image with an angel & mountains. I have no idea what your old siggy looked like, so here is an attempt. If you're not happy with it though, I'll keep looking. I'm also just learning how to do picture tubes in my PSP, so bear with me. LMK what you think!



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ArmyofFiveForGod... This one is fine, i like it alot. I would like to learn myself how to do the sigs. So I gladly except this with a grateful heart. thanks for doing the work.. I appreciate it alot.. wvangel

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did this siggy get finished? I don't see it in any posts.

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