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So, what did you plant today?

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Planted the parsnip patch yesterday and replanted some cucumbers and winter squash to replace the many I lost to slugs this spring. I just need to stay ahead of them long enough for the first big flush of growth - then they can outrace the slugs that I miss in my patrols and using my traps etc.

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I am laughing here. I just read the post about peanuts and the song "eating Goober Peas" popped into my head. My husband, at his computer across the room suddenly picked up his fiddle and played that very tune! YIKES peanuts are powerful!!!



Anyway, I have so far planted acorn squash, eggplant, cucumbers, broccoli, radishes and nasturtiams and giant sunflowers. I have yet to plant more broccoli, cabbage, green beans, carrots, tomatoes, peppers and zuchini.

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No quiltys, I got waylaid by westie and the pup and fence building...


Then my daughter graduated from HS last Friday.


Inbetween all that, the rabbits ate about 1/3 of my corn so that really bummed me.


Today, I mowed about 3 acres.


Tomorrow I'm going to finish the fencing for the chickens so they can free range and then I'm heading back into the garden. I'll keep you posted.

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This week I bought a 60 inch wide, 500 ft. long roll of plant cover and 100 metal hoops, so I can do some covered rows. I also bought 2500 ft. of black plastic, with an embossed edge, which isn't supposed to blow in the wind, quite so badly. The plant cover is supposed to offer protection to temps 5 degrees below zero. For now, I am thinking about protection from the dang bunnies!


Last night, the chicks and myself laid 7 more, 265 ft. rows of irrigation tape. My old well is working now, so watering should get a lot easier. Now it takes most of us, 90 mins. to water all the little plants. I was so happy it rained today.


We got another 300 onion plants in, some lettuce planted, and over 100 sweet potatoes...Still a long way to go. I have the other garden to get ready, then plant. At least is plowed, tilled, and disked...



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What I am using, are rolls of thin black plastic...It is four feet wide and 2,000 ft. long or 2,500 ft. long for the embossed. I just roll it down the garden, and weigh it down, first with rocks, then go and hoe dirt along the entire edge OR I cut small squares of tar paper. I overlap the plastic 4 or 5 inches. I take a square of tar paper and put it over the bottom layer of plastic, I put another tar paper square above the top layer, and then drive a long nail or large contractors staple or a landscaping peg through the two layers of tar paper and two layers of plastic. You must get your plastic weighed down, before any wind or rain comes, or you will be untwisiting it and maybe even chasing it around your yard. I am also putting irrigation tape, under the plastic.


You can punch a hole or cut a square in the black plastic, and plant in those.


There is landscape mulch or fabric, but weeds can still grow through. I have bought the best grade and still weeds have grown through.


Plant cloth can be used to cover your seeds and seedlings, to keep animals, birds, and insects from eating them and keep the rain from washing them away. In the winter the plant cloth can be used to extend your growing season, if you make plant tunnels, with hoops. You can also buy PVC pipe in one one or two 20ft. lengths. Pound in stakes, one on each side of your garden about 4-6 ft. apart. Use 24 inch pieces for your stakes. Hook the ends of the PVC, over the stakes and attach to the stake on the opposite side of the garden making large hoops, greenhouse style. Do this for as long as you need. Then get a large sheet of opaque plastic and cover your hoops, making a cheap sort of greenhouse. You can also use this to extend your growing season.


I am in Southern Kentucky and most of the soil is clay. The heat can go to well over 100 degrees. I am preparing for that and another drought. I am covering, as much as possible with the black plastic, plant tunnels, straw, cardboard, newspaper and have gone to the extra expense of irrigating. Now that I have the old well to use, the irrigation will save me $, since this will conserve water and preserve my crops, if we have a drought. I bought a chemical pump also. This doesn't use elctricity, but will pump my organic fertilizer, through my irrigation. I have been overbuying all my supplies, so I know I will have enough for the next few years. My roll of irrigation tape is 9,000 ft. long and cost $150, but it will last me about 3 years...I hope. I can't remember what I paid for the rest of the supplies for the irrigation, but they are re-usable. The tape isn't supposed to be, but maybe would hold up a second year. I think I paid about $450 for the pump and all the irrigation supplies...My gardens are close to 20,000 sq. ft.


I have only used one roll of black plastic, which I bought in 06, and now have started on my second roll, although I bought two this year. I paid $38 for the roll without embossing and $54 for the embossed roll, which is 500 ft. longer.


Another plus for the black plastic, is that you can replant in it, several more times, during the same season. Last year I just pulled up spent plants and plopped more seeds right in the same spot. I didn't have to worry about getting the soil broken up again. I think in an emergency, I could leave the plastic down, all winter, and still use it again the next spring or I would have soil protected by the plastic, that could be easily broken up with a hoe, if I couldn't get a tractor.


One trick I used this year was to take my flame thrower and go over the top of my garden, to singe that first layer of seeds and weed seedlings. It seems to have helped, by giving me extra time to plant, without the weeds beating me to my garden. I may do it one more time. It doesn't burn the ground, but the heat kills the plants, all the way down to the roots. PLUS...It is organic weed killing!


I buy all my gardening supplies from the Mennonites in the area. Their prices are usually much cheaper. They don't advertize, so you have to get to know the people and notice what they are using, then ask where they bought it. You are welcome to shop from these wonderful people, but you have to dig find f the resources. I am still amazed at what I find in their community and their genuine kindness to my chicks and myself. We are close friends to many in our community now and do so much sharing, back and forth. I was recently able to buy, 120, 6 ft. tall, fiberglass, gardening stakes for 60 cents each. I noticed these brightly colored stakes popping up in all the Mennonite fields and was so thrilled to find I could buy some. I'm tired of rotting wood! These will last for years.


PS...My BRAND NEW Mantis..The 4 cycle...Is leaking oil! I am so sad. My son, is certain it has been tampered with. He found it, with mud and clay caked in the tines....So there goes that big helper. Go figure!

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Well we finally had a break in the weather this weekend. First nice warm and sunny days I can remember in a while!


Basically our weekend was....


Friday, Dh wanted to go to our friends hot dog cart for lunch, did a little shopping after that. Dh was to tired for more so headed home. He wanted to try and get the gardens tilled before it got to late. Well tiller would work...again! We just had the carb rebuilt on it...that thing has giving us non stop trouble since we got it used a few years ago. He decided we would either have to put on a new carb or motor or replace the whole thing. Phoned around almost non of the normal hardware type stores are carrying rear-tine tillers any more...It's all the dinky little ones or front tine ones. They just don't work that well.


Sat morning dh went down to talk to our small engine mechanic. A new carb was going to be almost as much as a new motor...and that motor was going to be a lot to...He had ONE new tiller sitting there for sale and it wasn't much more then the price of a motor. Since our old one is sooo old at least 20 years dh was worried about something else breaking on it...Our gardens are already a month behind because of it. So he decided to get it. It works wonderfully!!!


So on Sat we got the gardens tilled up. Then planted 50 lb of red potatoes and about 5 lb of purple ones. The girls LOVED helping and were wonderful helpers. After that we headed out to finish our shopping and treated them to ice cream for all their hard work.


Sunday, we normally would have rested but we are so behind fighting the weather. We put in 100 lb of white potatoes, 9 bell peppers, 4 jalapeño peppers, 4 banana peppers, zucchini, and about 50 tomato plants. It was a LOT hotter then Sat. so we moved a little slower and did the potatoes in the afternoon the rest in the evening.


Monday I put in the green and yellow beens, carrots, a flat of broccoli and cucumbers.


Ummm I can hardly move!! LOL We still have another 100 lb of potatoes to put in this week and a few other things to.


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Originally Posted By: mom11
PS...My BRAND NEW Mantis..The 4 cycle...Is leaking oil! I am so sad. My son, is certain it has been tampered with. He found it, with mud and clay caked in the tines....So there goes that big helper. Go figure!

I'm so sorry about your tiller! bighug We really aren't fans of the Mantis though. 2 years ago we ordered one from Vessy and thought it was ok but it wasn't great...after only a few weeks of use it wasn't working right at all. Dh takes great care of his stuff and it should not have had problems that quick..We phoned them and they said they thought it was the clutch or something like that. I'm not a mechanical person LOL. Anyway sent us out a replacement tiller. It didn't work much better and started having the same problems. We sent them back and went back to using our rear tine tiller. That little mantis bounced around every were and would NOT till normal ground like they said it would. They said it was great for rocky soil, well every tiny stone and I mean tiny! would send it bouncing...I liked a hoe better. rofl

Ours didn't have the Honda motor though...They had switched to something else. Maybe they had so many problems they went back to it?

Now our nabour down the road has one and loves it. But she only uses it to weed a small flower bed a few times a year.
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Well I got rained out today...I re-tilled up some of the garden and was gonna plant but it started raining.


Tomorrow is a new day!

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Darlene, congrats on your hard work. I have been working my bootie off in my 100ft by 80ft garden. I have 1000 sweet corn plants, 100 cucumber plants, a ton of squash and zucchini, swiss chard, onions,carrots,turnips,mustard greens, approx 175 potato plants(I was organic until a HEAVY infestation of Colorado potato beetles hit me),tomatoes(planted pretty late), 7 hills of watermelon, acorn squash. I still have to plant canteloupe, butternut squash,pumpkins, okra,flowers. I want to try pole beans growing up my corn stalks when my corn gets higher. I have always had great success with growing basil. What are you canning with basil in it? I thought spice/herbs were not to be added to canning recipes.

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Just came in from digging...I feel like I work in a dirt mine, LOL


I planted the rest of the cucumbers and then I had fun putting in some annual flowers in the front, but I used red cabbages in a nifty little arrangement in a small round garden bordered with carrots. I have decided that in the front yard, where I have plenty of perrienial flowers, I am incorporating veggies in some new ways. I'll try to post some pics of it when it is more grown and looks the way I hope it does. It's just one more way to add a few more veggies without plowing up my entire front yard--which I actually did consider!! (and if SHTF, I WILL do this)


We cut some trees down that were shading the back veggie garden so now we have some extra firewood.


My basil came up and the coriander patch is going along nicely. An uncle stopped by and gave me some lovely bee balm and feverfew for the herb garden.


I am a small-scale gardener compared to those who are planting hundreds of each thing, but I have planted enough for a family of three to do pretty well and I'm enjoying it very much. It's the biggest veggie garden I have done in 10 years. So thanks to the Mrs. S group for the motivation to dust off my garden skills and dirty up my hands!! LOL

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Today I got our corn in, finally. And another 2 1/2 rows of white potatoes. Just 50 lb left to go then the potatoes are all done.

We also planted 3 red potatoes in the girls garden. These aren't the same ones you get in the store they are red ALL the way through.


Last week we got a real cold spell and frost. I had my tomatoes well covered but they still got hit bad. Most of them looked dead, no leaves and the stems not healthy. I tracked down some heirloom replacements. Go out today and find after a week tiny little pin head leaves starting. Sooo they just might pull through...Dh needs to till up more room so I can get the new potatoes in LOL and the rest of my goodies that wont fit in the garden now that we doubled our potato plantings...

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Well I busted my hiney thinning and transplanting corn...


But I did get 2-30' rows of spinich in and 2 rows of broccoli.


I feel like I didn't get much accomplished although I have the tan lines to prove that I was in the garden all day lol.


I have SO MUCH left to plant.



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Well we didn't really plant, but I started some watermelon seeds using the baggie trick. As some of you know, we are hoping to move this year, so we are sticking to containers. So I'm growing Golden Midget and Cream of Sascatchewan watermelons in containers this year. Once the seeds get some roots started, I'll put them in seed starter mix.


This weekend I made 2 self watering containers to plant the peppers. We now have 2 Keystone, 2 jalapeno, a tabasco and an ancho grande. Once the cayenne get bigger, one of them will go in one of those containers.

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I was a busy girl today...


I re-tilled up a 50'x40' section that I have neglected so that I could plant...that took a couple of hours lol...I also tilled the walk rows cause the grass was starting to come up.


I planted 2 rows of collards, 2 rows of brussel sprouts, 2 30' rows of zucchini, 1 30' row of acorn squash, some spaghetti squash, some jack pumpkins and some sugar pumpkins for pumpkin pies.


I have little tomatoes growing on my Roma plants, my German Queen tomato plants keep putting out flowers but then dropping the whole bud when it does, so no tomatoes are growing on those, and I don't know why it's doing that. I have little peppers on my green pepper plants too. My potato plants are starting to flower to hopefully I'll be harvesting potatoes in the next month or so.


I'm exhausted, I have muscles and I'm happy I got this much accomplished today. Tomorrow it'll be more tilling and planting. I gotta get this planting done already.

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Never had blossom drop like that Darlene, but they sell a spray to combat it. Not sure if it really works or not....


Anyone use these sprays?

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Originally Posted By: Virginia
Darlene, I know you are a human dynamo, but how in the world are you going to harvest and preserve that big of a garden?

I have 2 - 941 AA canners. They do 19 quarts/32 pints each in one processing. I just picked up about 1000 jars.

So, I have the equipment, the willingness and I just keep asking the Lord to do that thang He does so well...miracles.

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Your gona need help Darlene when all that stuff comes in at once. I feel for ya. I'd be thinking about renting a refrigerated truck so it don't spoil before it gets canned.






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You've never seen me in a kitchen when I'm pounding it out wg. I'll be fine with that, plus I'll be shipping some of it out, etc.

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Well Darlene, maybe we all need to start praying for your miracle. They do happen. Maybe friends and family will just show up and help you, even friends you don't know yet.

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Originally Posted By: Darlene
You've never seen me in a kitchen when I'm pounding it out wg. I'll be fine with that, plus I'll be shipping some of it out, etc.

Want my address? grin


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